Allergy to cats in children Allergy, ie unjustified aggressive reaction to a substance, found more and more often.

reasons could be pollen, insect bites, food, house dust, animal dander, and more.

especially children are highly susceptible to allergies.Today we will discuss a topic like cat allergy in children, try to identify the symptoms and find treatments.

How are allergic to cats in children: symptoms and signs

Statistically allergic to cats is much more common than dogs, hamsters and budgies.Even if you prefer luxury "Persia" almost naked cat breed Sphynx, the risk of reaction is great, and it's not quite in the wool.In cat urine and saliva, as well as their products of sebaceous glands and the anal glands contains a special protein evokes a strong response of the organism.

Wool and animal skin particles - only its carriers.The question is why some children are allergic to cats, and the other - no?It all depends on the state of immunity, age - the younger the child, the higher the risk of opportunistic diseases, such a

s asthma, as well as heredity.

In 80 cases out of 100 children with allergies itself will suffer from this illness.Allergy symptoms can manifest themselves in different ways.In some they occur immediately, others - within a few hours.The most characteristic symptoms are red eyes and watery eyes, frequent sneezing, runny nose, sore nose or throat, coughing, wheezing, shortness of breath.

sometimes a local reaction - redness and itching of the bite or scratch, eczema.Very rare anaphylactic shock.If the allergen effect on the body is long, it leads to reduced immunity, fatigue, increased nervousness and irritability.

In order to accurately determine whether a furry friend cause allergies should consult a doctor and make the necessary allergy tests, the doctor also will select the best drug for treatment.There is another way: for the time to give the cat to friends and closely watch the symptoms.If they are gone, and the baby is really responsive to cat fur, it's time to start treatment.

Allergy to cats in children

How to cure an allergy to cats in a child: safe medicines

few treatment options.The most traditional means receiving antihistamines, many of which are sold even without a prescription.Decongestants help to get rid of the common cold, and decongestants - from swelling and drying of the mucus.Remember that all of these medications strictly individual selects an allergist.

safer way - immunotherapy.The disadvantages include the inability to use by children under 5 years old, short-term (up to 5 days), a negative effect on the liver and other internal organs.Traditional medicine offers a variety of options, ranging from addiction, ending with various infusions and decoctions.

example, infusion or decoction of duckweed dandelion.The safest medicine becomes adherence to certain hygiene requirements.The house should not be a "vacuum": carpets, heavy curtains, soft toys.That they accumulate allergens.Wet cleaning without the use of household chemicals should be carried out daily.

Especially for the cat should be given a special place - a box, "house" and so on. N. The animal must be kept clean.If you observe all of the rules, 90% success rate in treatment is guaranteed.

Author: Katerina Sergeenko