KIA Spectra dynamics and sportiness in the shape of the car is always relevant, and that silhouette KIA Spectra not hold.

Despite the fact that since the beginning of the production of a lot of years have passed, the appearance of KIA Spectra does not look outdated, emphasizing rather, independence from the volatile automotive fashion giving it solidity and, besides, the size of this - a typical Dthe class.Look

most modern Korean cars is quite cosmopolitan, and sometimes it is difficult to determine by nationality, but looks KIA Spectra betrays his Korean origins.

Interior does not possess any frills, which is understandable for a car in this price range.But velvet and gray plastic do not seem very cheap, and all n Annelie and qualitative elements fit , with even gaps.The car is equipped as standard with air conditioning and power accessories.

Controls are designed and comfortable .Informative, but no-frills instrument panel and shift paddles indicate direct relationship with Mazda 323. The internal dimen
sions of the passenger compartment 1870 x 1410 x 1160 millimeters - quite a decent figure.

Inside KIA Spectra with sufficient comfort can accommodate a driver and four tall passengers, with legroom middle passenger in the rear seat sufficient space - there is no central tunnel and protruding pits.

Planting may seem a bit unusual - seats are low and slightly tilted back - but, nevertheless, it is quite convenient.The front seats are apparently endowed with pronounced lateral support, but the rolls are too soft and perform their function purely nominal.

steering KIA Spectra regulated only on height in the lowest position, depending on the height of the driver can override part of the readings, and the driver's seat is not equipped with the function of the vertical adjustment.

KIA Spectra

back of the rear seat splits in the ratio 2: 1, allowing access from the cabin in a fairly roomy trunk capacity of 440 liters.Good soundproofing interior of the vehicle, unfortunately, can not boast - the sound of the engine at high speeds and at high speeds wind can be heard clearly.

KIA Spectra, is equipped with four- shestnadtsatiklapannym engine with a displacement of 1.6 liters and 101 hpThe car with such a unit is too high-spirited not tell, but for a family sedan is enough, especially if paired with him to use a mechanical five-speed transmission.

automatic four-speed transmission most that neither is a simple and besides the standard mode is even indurated first and second gear.Automatic transmission works very gently and smoothly and does not annoy too much thoughtfulness when switching.

By sharp pressing an accelerator pedal box switches to a lower gear with a noticeable noise and little push, but it is a characteristic feature of most four-stage "automatic."

Suspension KIA Spectra is completely independent, in front of a wishbone and rear on one longitudinal and two transverse rods, equipped with rack type "McPherson" and stabilizer bars.Quite soft and comfortable, it is well dampens minor irregularities, but large waves prone to buildup and breakdown of the stopper.

hydraulic brakes , equipped with vacuum booster, front - ventilated disc, rear - drum, ensure the car a complete stop from a speed of 100 km / h in 57 meters.

Lath, equipped with power steering has sufficient sensitivity and marked the return force when exiting a corner.When cornering at high speed KIA Spectra has some understeer characteristic, however, for most of the front-wheel drive, which is compensated without problems flick of the wheel.

KIA Spectra

Specifications KIA Spectra

Brief technical information
Body type sedan
Displacement (l) 1,6
Engine Type gasoline
Engine power (hp) 101
Transmission 5MT 4AT
Drivetrain front
Maximum speed (km / h) 180 170
Acceleration 0-100 km / h (sec.) 12,6 16,0
Fuel consumption combined (l / 100 km) 9,0 95
complete name standard comfort comfort + standard suite
Model Code FB 2272-0000981 FB 2272-0000983 FB 2272-0000986 FB2273-0000984 FB 2273-0000985
Heated rear window + + + + +
wheels 185/65 R14 + + + + +
Mechanical antenna + + + +
alloy wheels + + + + +
Elektroantenna +
Full size spare tire + + + + +
Mud flaps (front and rear) + + + + +
electric and heated door mirrors + + +
Full-size dust shields + + +
Front fog lights + + +
Additional stop light + + + + +
Mechanical control rear-view mirrors + +
holders in the center console + + + + +
steering column adjustment + + + + +
Heated front seats +
power front and rear windows + + + + +
Immobilizer + + + + +
ABS (Antilock Braking System) + +
Powersteering + + + + +
Locking + + + + +
Air + + + +