happens that a person in the shortest time necessary to combine two photos together.Understand the intricacies of this case with Photoshop just not realistic, the more that we can come to help his fellow easier - the program Paint.This graphical tool is intuitive and user-friendly interface that will make the process of connecting the photos or any other images faster and legkim.Chto importantly, this program is installed on all computing devices running on the operating system of Windows, so you will not need to search and download the editoron the Internet, and then set their own.You only need to open the utility and follow simple and straightforward advice.

combined in one unit two photos

After starting the program Paint, we need to open the first image opens in the tab "File", which from the list to choose "Open".We click on the item, and you will see your desired photo or image.

Now our task - is to insert in the second image editing.If you're downloading it from the Internet that there are t

wo ways to address this issue.The first method - a right-click on the image and choose from the list of "Save Image As" and then the file will appear on your computer in the "Download" or in the folder you selected before the earliest.The second option - is the transfer of the image in Paint by the clipboard.This is done as follows: also right click on the image, and then from the list that appears, select "Copy Image".

copy image

After that go into Paint, select the icon "Insert" and click "Paste from."After this operation, the clipboard will unload the desired file in editing and picture will appear in exactly the same quality and size as it was on the Internet.


If the two images are different in size, one of them must be increased or decreased by using the tool "Resize".After clicking on this tab will be dotted around the photo frame by moving you can simply select the desired size corresponding to the second picture.After adjusting the parameters of one of the two images, you need to connect them together.It becomes easier - you only need to move the image right to the left to the edge of images touched.Here's what you should have:

Photo girl

If the result of combining two photos into one you want, then you can safely click on the icon "File", then select "Save As."Be sure to select the format for saving your image, it can be a solution «png», and best of all «jpeg».In addition, you should rename the file name "Untitled" in any name, otherwise you run the risk of confusing.All of our problem was solved no more than 15-five minutes of time.

We very much hope that our article was the excellent leadership in addressing this creative issue.We also recommend you spend about an hour of their free time and try to explore other features and tools so useful graphics program like Paint.After that, you can not only combine two photos into one, but also learn a host of other useful things.