webcam on the laptop

In today's world of technology is almost impossible to find a model manufactured laptops without built-in webcam.This functional device allows video calls through specialized software and web applications, video recording certain direction.But many novice users do not know where the webcam on the laptop and how to use it.Let's try to understand a little bit.

Where is the camera in the laptop?

Companies producing notebooks put the unit on top of the screen, in the central part of it.This provides a clear and beautiful images in the video sequence displayed during online conferences, communicating with friends, family or colleagues.She might not be there only in the oldest notebook models.

Web default hardware always remains on, but in the sleep mode.And most people can not even imagine what it's all right and looking on the internet such an important response to the search query "where turn the webcam on a laptop?".

How to start a webcam on a laptop

In most cases, the problem is solved with the v

ideo device setting a specialized program for working with video.In Windows family of operating systems is no such built-in utilities or programs.Therefore need to rely on third-party software.You can take advantage of Skype, Live Webcam, Google Talk, or social networks "VKontakte", "Classmates" and Instagram in any existing browser.Having carried out an intuitive setup application, you will be able to enjoy the opportunities her laptop webcam.

If software have failed and the question of how to run the camera at the laptop, still relevant, the next step is to verify the presence and relevance of the drivers for this device.You will need to enter the folder "Device Manager".You can do this in several ways:

  1. Call the popup menu icon 'My Computer', select 'Properties' tab there click on "Hardware" and click "Device Manager."dialog window
  2. press the key combination Win + R and enter the command in the Immediate window «devmgmt.msc» and press Enter.
  3. Press the button "Start", then select the menu "Control Panel", and already there you need to pay attention to the item "Hardware and Sound", where we find the point "Device Manager" to the icon similar to the multi-colored shield.

Custom Web camera

presence of yellow or red exclamation mark opposite the device icon indicates a problem with the drivers.Then you need to right-click on this row and select "Update Driver Software".In the absence of such on my laptop can be downloaded from the manufacturer of the laptop, install and restart the gadget.

Another possible cause of problems in the webcam can be off it at the program level.Again, go to the "Device Manager" by one of the methods described just above, and then find the line display of the camera.In the context menu, select "Enable" (if enabled).

If all the above methods do not help to achieve video output, the problem probably lies in any defect or damage.Because in this case, it is best to contact the service center.

reading this article, you learned where the camera on the laptop (Asus, and others.) And how to play.With many modern web interfaces, included is a webcam will help you communicate with your colleagues, friends and family.Arrange family meeting every day.

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