bluetooth adapter

for the modern computer user is not anything new device such as an adapter Bluetooth.With it you can easily make the connection with other devices to transmit and receive data packets.But few have sufficient knowledge to connect and configure Bluetooth on your computer.

Bluetooth computer

adapter allows you to install a wireless personal network with other devices using similar technology by radiopodklyucheniya at short range.The main advantage of this connection is the ability to move the devices during the operation, but the radius of the cover is less than one meter.

Activation Bluetooth adapter is quite simple, but there are unique ways, realized through specialized tools manufacturers.They are usually present on the discs, bundled with the computer.But in any case, Windows has sufficient instruments for the adapter.

Establish best Bluetooth on your computer to the back of the chassis.It is convenient and eliminates the possibility of breakage, when someone hooked him take out a USB-drive.

Adapter for PC

How to turn bluetooth on your computer

After connecting the adapter in the bottom right corner of the monitor should display a message "unknown device".If this is not followed, then the problem is either a faulty USB-port (this can be checked by connecting a keyboard or mouse) or the device itself.

is followed to install the drivers.Drive them usually comes bundled with the device, and after placing it in the drive can only wait for startup and install the application.But if the optical drive at hand was not, you can take advantage of the Internet.Download the driver only with the official website of the device manufacturer, making sure that they are compatible with the operating system.

After installing the drivers and restarting the personal computer in the lower right corner of your screen should display adapter icon (for Windows XP).Clicking on the right mouse button, select the item "Open Specifications."This will open the Settings window where you need to go to the tab "Options".There should be put down tick in the relevant areas, which are painted in detail (for greater comfort better put down everywhere, then save by pressing "OK").Now you can use the capabilities of the adapter.

Miniature adapter

order to share information through technology Bluetooth, you need to enable it on both devices.After that, any folder or file can be transferred by simply clicking on the icon, right-click and select the context menu "Send", and then - «Bluetooth».This opens a window called the "Master of dispatch", which will make scanning the surrounding devices for possible destinations.If data transfer is carried out repeatedly, there will be a special button "Click here to send."Otherwise, select the correct name of the device that will be transferred to the file or folder.Enter the same sequence of numbers on both gadgets and press "OK".

Following such simple tips, you can no longer puzzling question of how to turn on Bluetooth on your PC.This means that you can get access to the right information at any time.After all, the technology created to make life easier for a man!

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