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Today iPhone phones of different models become perhaps the most popular gadgets.They are chosen for convenience, portability, intuitive interface.A different camera settings allow you to make great shots.But not everyone knows how to move photos from iPhone to computer.In this paper, we write out all of the currently available methods.

How do I copy photos from iPhone to computer (running Windows)

Due to significant differences in operating systems to move the photos from your PC to the phone is not so easy, as you will need to create additional service files.But in the opposite direction will succeed it is very simple and, most importantly, fast.

Connect your phone to the PC via USB-cable.In the window "Auto", select the item "Open device to view."A similar result can be achieved by going to the "My Computer": In the left pane, under all existing hard drives to see the device icon.He will also be the name that you have given during registration and setting up the device in iTunes, and the icon of

a camera.Click it twice left mouse button.

Then enter the folder «Internal Storage», and then in a folder «DCIM».There will be located a folder (maybe more than one) with a specific name for each device (a combination of letters and numbers).Going into it, you will see your photos.Now you can select the image and transfer it.

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Transfer photos from iPhone to computer with OS X

Various gadgets from Apple are able to exchange information with each other at high speed, having an intuitive interface.But still need a USB-cable.

Connect the device to your computer.The system should automatically open standard application "Image Capture" (and these images can be found using the built in search engine Spotlight).In the window you will see a list of all the photos stored on your phone.Next, import the desired photos on the computer.

can also resort to the possibility of any file manager (suitable standard iTools).Connect your phone, open the program, follow the path of DCIM / 100APPLE.This opens a list of available files on the phone: the names of photos and screenshots will begin with IMG.Next, open the folder, and copy the selected files to

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How do I copy photos from iPhone to computer via iTunes

Connect your mobile gadget to your laptop or PC cable, and open the pre-configured service iTunes.On the left side of the window locate the line "devices", there will be a record of your device.Next, select the folder from which will be made synchronization of files.

Similarly, you can transfer files of each type: music, ringtones, movies and more.

How to throw a photo with your iPhone to your computer via the Internet

need a program to work with e-mail (you can find them in the app store App Store).Then simply attach text to a desired photo and upload the file containing the PC.Or you can use the services of any cloud service (Dropbox, Google Drive or Yandex.Disk).

you are familiar with a variety of methods, how to keep the photo from iPhone to computer.Each of them is nothing complicated and requires only care.This will keep the wonderful moments of your life and enjoy them at any convenient time.

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