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Today, Windows 7 has become one of the most successful operating system from Microsoft.And though already out older versions, "Seven" still holds top positions in the popularity ratings.But not everyone knows how to enable administrator rights in Windows 7 and how they are useful.All these issues will be discussed in detail in this article.

which requires administrator rights Windows 7?

To ensure the integrity of the system (against viruses, spyware, and other other programs) and to prevent possible mistakes by the user, the developers provided a significant security measures.When installing the system automatically creates a profile account with administrator permissions.It allows you to fine-tune the settings on your computer, install system applications, thus reducing the protective capabilities of the system.

Because it is always advised to turn off these resolutions and to work on the computer under the account "User", which has a fairly wide range of opportunities (to work with file system, i

nstall most applications and work with them), certain system settings (eg settings widgets on the desktopdesktop or graphical user interface).


How to get administrator rights in Windows 7

when performing an action, you will see a box that says "need administrator rights," one way to overcome this is to press "Start" menu, then "Shutdown"and then" Switch User ".Then select the desired account with administrator rights in Windows 7.

Quite often programs when installing or removing required to perform this action by this name.You do not need to repeat the process described just above.It is necessary to click on the executable file, right-click and select the line "Run as administrator".After that can produce the desired effect.

But what do you do when you are logged in under an account that has administrator rights Windows 7, and programs or files still requires you administrator rights?In this case, again, we click "Start", then choose "Control Panel", in the open window we click item "System and Security" at the bottom of the graph click the "Administration".In the next window we click the left mouse button double-click "Computer Management", where a new window on the left, select the "Local Users and Groups", followed by - "Users".In the right part of the window that we have received, press (twice) for recording the "Administrator", and remove the check mark beside the line item "Disable account" reserve.Now you can do the necessary manipulations with files or applications, but then be sure to put down a tick.

dialog window

How to administrator rights in Windows 7 using the command line

There is a faster way to include an administrator Windows 7. We press "Start" in the line "Search programs and files" we enter CMD, the system will display the found results in the formicons.Click on its context-click and choose "Run as administrator".Writing command «net user name / active: yes», where name is the name of the account you want to give these permissions.We finish everything by pressing Enter.

But in this case, you should keep in mind the security of the operating system.Therefore, after you will go through the necessary operations with files and programs need to restore the old rights of the account.This can be done in a similar way, only slightly changing the writing team of «net user name / active: no».

Get administrator rights Windows 7 is not too difficult.But we must give a report of their actions to remember about operating system security and use the computer more often from the account "User".

Setting administrative rights