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Communication via sms today is very popular.Because of this in memory of the mobile phone is sometimes going to a huge number of messages.The phone memory is full, and therefore the performance of the phone becomes an order of magnitude lower, and sometimes mobile, and refuses to accept all new sms, until you have removed the old ones.But sometimes it is difficult to part with old SMS-kami, because sometimes they contain a lot of valuable information.Or is it a message of romantic character, and the hand does not rise simply to remove them.How to be in this situation?To solve this problem, without any loss, you will need to save SMS to your computer.

How to transfer SMS from your phone to your computer

To reset the SMS from the phone to the computer, you will need to connect your mobile to your PC.To do this, you will need USB-cable, infrared or Bluetooth.

to move the messages you need to connect your mobile device to your computer.The easiest and most common way - is to connect the phone via data

-cable, which often comes bundled with a mobile phone at the time of purchase.But if for some reason you do not have it in there, you can always buy it in specialty stores.

SMS to computer

Connect your device via USB-cable to your PC.If you did everything correctly, the screen of your computer, a message indicates that the operating system has seen a new device.Then you will need to install the program to your cell.To install it, you'll need the included installation CD with your phone, if not, then you can try to download a program from the Internet.Once the program is established, go to its menu and select "Messages".When data are updated on a computer, select the folder you want to transfer ("Inbox", "Sent").Designate a folder, click the "File" - "Export", select the folder into which you'll copy and file type.

If you decide to connect your mobile to a PC via Bluetooth, you need to install the correct connection.Check that the mobile was switched bluetooth.Connect your device via USB.OS Computer detect the adapter, then start the installation process.Once the program is established, the icon will appear at the connected device.When your cell is found, press the pairing devices.Once connected, select the menu item "Data transfer".

transfer SMS to computer

also for data transmission from a cellular to a computer you can use the infrared port, if it is built into your mobile phone.Connect the device to the PC infrared and set it ON.After the installation process is complete, on your computer screen icon appears USB IrDA adapter.Place the cell

30-50 cm from the infrared adapter installed on the PC.Between cell and adapter should not be foreign objects.Point the IR ports at each other.If you did everything right, then soon the computer detects the new device and notify you about this.When the connection is established, you can easily bear it, and save the data you need.

After reading our article, you can easily move messages from the phone to the computer, thus saving all the important information and freeing up the memory of your phone.

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