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laptop created for the convenience of its owners.With it, you can at any place and at any time to use a personal computer.Every year, manufacturers produce more compact model.However, sometimes you have to pay the compactness of the lack of the keys on the keyboard nouta.If the volume button is not available, then this fact can be cornered inexperienced user.Where and how to incorporate sound into the laptop - a question that is not disturbed by a buyer of this technique.

How to turn the sound on a laptop

on laptops older models volume button is located directly on the keyboard.It may be referred to «Vol» or "+" and "-".By clicking on the "+" you can enable or add sound on a laptop.The same key can be located on the side, close to the slots for flash drives.

If your laptop model no volume keys, you can enable it by using a mouse or touch screen.Below the screen on the left side is an icon as a speaker.By clicking on it, you can adjust the volume.When the volume is turned off, the icon appears next

to the red circle crossed.

Button sound control

How to add the sound on a laptop keyboard

One of the surest ways to enable and disable volume will function keys.The keyboard is located at the bottom right side down Fn.And among the «F» key you can look for "hot" keys, which you can adjust the sound.These keys are painted icons and the addition subtraction volume.To use them, you need to hold down the Fn key and press the key you want to reduce or increase the sound.If necessary, you can turn off the sound on a laptop using these keys.

function buttons

Installing and reinstalling the driver stopped at the sound on a laptop

It may be that your Toshiba do not work correctly or "flew" the audio device drivers.To check this, go to Device Manager and see if there are opposite points "Sound Devices" yellow circle.To access the Device Manager, go to the Control Panel and type in a search string in the word "manager", and then the operating system will prompt you to the Device Manager.

Go to Device Manager and Update Driver.In most cases, it helps to adjust the sound, but if it is after the update does not appear, then try to remove from the operating system, all audio devices.Then restart the notebook and the system itself must be required to update the driver.Often, after such manipulation should hear the sound.

Also, in the absence of sound on a laptop, you can check the service Windows Audio, it should be included.You can find it by going to the "Start", select "Control Panel" Hereinafter, go to "Administration" and select the item "Service".We seek from the list of Windows Audio, if this service is disabled, enable it by setting the startup type of automatic.

sometimes find the cause of the fault is not obtained.In this situation, many users completely reinstall the operating system.Then make install drivers for your sound card.If after this failure persists, you must purchase a separate sound card for the laptop and install it.

If the methods listed above, do not come to you, then you should seek help from a qualified professional who can find the damage and fix it.

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