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situation when we do not need a computer installed software is quite common is especially familiar to those who download music from the Internet, movies, or books.Very often, with download movies downloaded and unnecessary programs that are installed automatically when you open the file.Sometimes it happens that the program is not deleted from the control panel, how to be in this situation?

How to remove a program that is not removed

To make the process of removing the program, you first need to close it.After that, go to the "Start" menu, go to "Control Panel", there look for the item "Programs and Features".Going into it, get the tool from which you want to get rid of, and press "Delete."

If after these manipulations program still continues to function, it may be such that it operates in stealth mode.To completely close it, move the mouse on the icon "My Computer" and right-click.From the list, select the "Administration", go to "Tools", locate in the list provided utility, select it and choose

the action "Stop".Then again perform the removal process through the control panel.

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cases, such as to remove the utility does not work, and it is not in the list of installed applications.Then you can try to download the instructional file and put it into action.During installation, the application can determine that the program is already available on your computer and offer to remove it at this point.

One of the surest ways to clean your computer from the "non-removable" application is downloading and installing special tools that identify faults in the system and make their removal.One of the most effective is Revo Uninstaller, after its start before you open the full list of installed applications, and you can select the one that you want to delete.

uninstalling programs

The installation Revo Uninstaller

After you download the document, then run it.During start-up, select the Russian language, accept the agreement and click "Install."When an application is established, click "Finish".

After installation run the program.When will update the data in the window that the program document, you will see all installed applications on your PC.Please select the desired utility, select it and click on the function "Delete" (This button is located on the toolbar at the top right side).Then confirm removal and select uninstall.The utility will offer you four modes, stop your choice on "Advanced Mode", which made a full analysis of links, folders and registry of installed applications.Locations uninstallation will take some time, as she finished, click "Next".After that will launch the built-in uninstaller program, he finished, click "Next" to search for folders, files and notes in the registry.This check takes a minute, after it again click "Next".If during the scan nothing was found, then uninstall function was tested on 100%.If checking notes found in the registry, then click "Remove."To remove a scanner found data, press the "Select All" and delete.

Thus, you can remove Skype, Opera, or playing with the computer, if they are not removed.As you can see, nothing complicated about it.Using our instructions, you can easily "clean" your computer from unnecessary and non-removable programs.

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