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already difficult to imagine our life without digital technology, that with each passing day, more and more developed.Gradually begin to replace electronic communication alive.Thanks to personal computers and the Internet, many can work and communicate with people in another part of the world without leaving home.And with the emergence of notebooks, netbooks and tablet personal computer is now everywhere and always be in front of us.Sometimes, in the process there is a need to take a screenshot of the screen on a laptop.This article will offer a number of ways, you just have to choose more suitable for you.

How to make a screen on the laptop

Take a snapshot of the screen - a simple operation, but at the same time, there are many ways for its implementation.

The most common way - is to use the standard graphic editor Paint.To take a picture, press the keyboard «Print Screen», then go to the "Start" menu, open the item "All Programs," find it "Standard" from the list provided select the Paint Editor

and run it.In an open application window choose "Edit" and "Paste".To save the image you have to press the "File", then "Save" and select the desired format.

To take a photo only one window, hold the Alt key and press the «Print Screen», the following steps are similar to the above.Make a screenshot of the screen on a laptop can use a special program.If desired, the Internet, you will discover a lot of different application software, making screenshots of the screen.Consider the most popular ones.

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Skrinyaschaya program Floomby

Programme document rather easy to install, Russified.You'll find plenty of tips to work with Floomby, looking at the official site of this utility.Your pictures are automatically posted on the website Floomby, and the program will prompt you to make a screen, which will be available only to you, or if you want all users of the web.A link to your picture, you can send to friends and acquaintances, which is very convenient, and you do not have to send a picture every time the mail.If necessary, you can easily delete your print from the site.

working with this program, you have the opportunity to choose the quality of a photo, as well as their size (full screen or only part of it).You can view the history and delete unwanted pictures.

After starting the application, its icon will be located on the control panel at the bottom right corner next to the clock.Opening the utility, you can choose the size and quality of a photo, view history and delete old images.

A special program

Skrinyaschaya software Magic Screenshot

Another good application that can take pictures of your screen - Magic Screenshot.It is available in English and Russian.The program is free, and "weighs" about 2 MB.It works similarly Floomby, also puts prints obtained on its website.Before sending you have the opportunity to slightly modify the image thanks to the "Brush" and, if necessary, add to her description.Save image you can in several formats - bmp, jpeg, png.

Pay attention to the fact that for the operation of the application data is required online.If access to the network, or you do not have a slow connection, these programs will not fit.

Today, you can download an application that will not only make your display screen, but also give you the ability to record what is happening on it.It is very convenient, especially if you want to create a little instruction on working with your PC to help other users.

Each of these methods has its own advantages and disadvantages.Therefore, choosing a program, carefully read the instructions, read reviews from other users, and then make the necessary choices you will be much easier.

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