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presence of a password, which is owned by the user, increases confidence in the security of personal data stored on any device.But, unfortunately, easy to select a combination is not recommended because of its unreliability and complicated very easy to forget, even with tips.And then there is a problem that seems insoluble and can even cause panic - you enter the account if forgot your password?There is no reason for panic, you just need to pre-prepare yourself for this situation, refer to the instructions of what to do in such a case, and to be fully prepared.

How to enter the computer, if the forgotten password: a few tips for laptop owners

At the entrance to the laptop assigned password so that no one entered without the owner's knowledge does not remain unaccounted for.Moreover, without the knowledge of who visited combination will, to put it mildly, at the entrance, as will not be able to move on without entering cherished letters or numbers.This is very useful, but only as long as forgetting

those cherished letters or numbers did not remain outside the door.And then there comes a time to remember how to go into the laptop, if forgotten password.

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And you need to do nothing at all:

  1. get installation disk Windows7;
  2. upload it to source the laptop;
  3. press any key to start the installation;
  4. clicking on "Next" to go to "Password Recovery";
  5. continue to follow the signs and you need to select the items they are advised, as long as it will show "Load Hive";
  6. in the Windows system file you want to open, to write down any name and go to the folder Setup, then CmdLine and SetypType.Instead, you need to put 0 here 2;
  7. now it's time to return to the job "Load Hive" and unload what happened;
  8. is reboot, and then in the window that opens, enter the command net user, and a new combination;
  9. after clicking the command "Login" window will be familiar, and which introduces a new combination;
  10. system opens and you can work again with your device.

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What not to do when computer forgot password?

Once a man write in a search engine, he forgot the password to the computer as immediately displayed a list of various councils.Not all of the Security Council.Sometimes the computer opens on such advice or unlock your account in the future can get a whole heap of problems, and will not even know where they came from.So what exactly has to be done if the forgot password on your computer:

  • delete files SAM * (WINDOWSsystem32config);
  • delete a file logon.scr (WINDOWSsystem32), and rename the file cmd.exe in logon.scr.

How to go to the computer if there is a password?

man who has forgotten to input data on a computer to act a bit like in the case of unlocking the notebook.So if you want to know how to unlock the computer, if you forgot your password windows xp or 7, you need to check a hint of which is usually easy to recall the data.If this does not work, the forgotten combination can replace the administrator.

Administrator must use the taskbar manager and perform all the necessary steps to enter.

The easiest way to deal with forgetfulness - not zaparolivat computer or laptop.In that case, if the code still need to install, you can keep saved in some easily accessible place without it and what not to learn foreign.

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