about how to find the history of the computer, will sooner or later become interested in almost all PC users.After viewing it, you can see what applications were open on what resources the user has visited and even what time was on and off the computer.There are special programs to view the chronicle of visits.But to work with such tools, you need a good idea to understand the setup PC.After using them, you may damage the data that you restore will not be possible.

How to find browsing history on your computer

If you have a desire to see what sites are visited with a PC, but you do not know where the computer is the internet browsing history, sad about this, you should not.There is nothing difficult in carrying out this operation is not.

for browser "Opera" you need to clean the mouse pointer to the top left corner of the screen from the provided list of items to select "History" section, and then on your screen will chronology of visits in the last month.Open the "History", you can also press Ctr

l and H. If you want to delete the history from your computer, click on the appropriate button located on the top right.

for browser "Mozilla" tab "Journal" which is located in the upper left corner of the screen.There you can view the entire history, and delete it.Open the "Journal" can also be the key combination Ctrl + Shift + H, when you delete, add to this combination still and press Del.

For Internet Explorer, open the top menu, and go to "View", then go to the item "Explorer Bar", where you will see the item "History", which you can open the same key combination as in "Opera".

If you are interested in the history of ICQ-client QIP, go on your computer in the folder C: \ Program Files \ QIP \ Users \.From the list, select the required number of ICQ, going into it, get the History folder and use a text editor, view the contents of text files.

view history

To view all the applications running on your PC, open the folder, located at c: \ WINDOWS \ Prefetch \.In order to find out the password entered to open programs, download and install the utility Punto Switcher.This application makes automatic switching from English into Russian, it has a diary feature that allows you to store passwords on all open programs.

You also have the option to download and install special utilities, which are also called keyloggers.These programs will be under your control all the actions that take place on the keyboard.The app records everything that happens, it may, if necessary, record the sound and picture during communication programs such as Skype.

To protect yourself and your PC from this sort of tools we need to use anti-spyware or modern Antivirus having a fresh base.

As you can see, view the history of visits on a PC or laptop is a snap.If you want to hide the websites you've visited with a browser, do not forget to brush history.Also delete history automatically removes passwords from mail or social networking sites that have been stored by your browser that does not allow other users to log in, and view your message.

A special program