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reasons for which the operating system can not boot, are different.And, as a rule, in this case, give crucial advice - reinstall windose.But when reinstalling all data is lost, which is not desirable for any owner of the gadget.Therefore, you can run the laptop in safe mode, and then to address the issue.

How to run the laptop in safe mode?

Starting this mode for each laptop, more precisely, the operating system is different.For example, if you are puzzled by the question of how to download the laptop in safe mode Windows 8, the tips on how to get into safe mode on a laptop with XP windose will be useless.

eight windose can try this method:

  • select the power button in the panel "Options";
  • press and hold SHIFT, pressing the "reset";
  • then laptop will give a list of options from which to choose "Diagnostics", then "Advanced settings", "Boot Options," "Enable safe mode";
  • the bottom of the screen is a window that says "Reload";
  • it is necessary to press, then appears on the screen as much as 9 vari
    ants, three of them will be treated to a secure connection.

If you press F4, then turn on safe mode if F5, then the mode of supporting the network drivers if F6, then the regime will support the command line.

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how to maintain a safe mode laptop of any kind: a way №1

There are two main options for downloading, the application of which should come up for any nouta.The first is this:

  1. include laptop that was a complete boot OS;
  2. shut down any programs that are activated during startup.To implement this by using the command "Exit" for each specific application;
  3. click off and force the laptop is off;
  4. wait a couple minutes and turn on your laptop;
  5. option among the proposals to select the desired mode.

You have to be prepared for the fact that the start-up process will be very slow.Different models of different, sometimes even 5 minutes.It may seem that it does not work, in this case, enable and start the laptop, might think that hovered gadget.No need to rush to restart or turn off.If damaged, it will not run the OS with an option, but a laptop or machine reboots itself off.In this case, the screen is black and the top is the inscription Safe Mode.


How to go into safe mode on a laptop: a way №2

There is another option to guarantee safe incorporation of a laptop is almost a hundred percent.It consists in the following.You just need to press several times F8, when the laptop is loaded.Then appears a list of suggestions for downloading, you need to choose the one you want.If the F8 key does not give the desired result, you need to press F12.Usually it responds or one or the other.

There is a small chance that the problem, none of the proposed methods will not resolve.In this case there are several alternatives.

For example, for the eighth windose can create a system repair disc (you must do yourself), or try booting via USB.In the seventh windose the easiest way to download a program "System Configuration".For any of the methods described benefited, they must thoroughly investigate before the advent of the problem, then the action will be confident and productive.

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