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often before the modern Internet users question: "How do I calculate my ID computer?".That this is the topic of today's discussion.Before you go directly to the instructions, let us look at the subject in more detail.

What is ID, and why is it necessary to know?

ID PC - a unique number (address) of the network card or laptop computer.It needs to know in order to connect to Internet networks and restrict the ability of foreign introduction to your computer.In other words, you can bind specifically to certain programs to your PC and do not worry about confidentiality.Each address is personal and unique.

ID-address is required for:

  • PC remotely activate or bind any program on the license;
  • lock the remote computer;
  • identify and correct errors in remote access.

Now you understand that an advanced or beginner user to know the parameters id is necessary.


Find ID computer?

Below is a guide aimed at determining your address.Follow every step set out.

  1. Click "Start" button and find the "Control P
    anel", click;In the opened window with icons, click on the icon screen "system."Double click the left mouse button.You should see a box with information about the system settings of your PC.
  2. There is a faster method of opening the boxes.Use the following sequence: Win + Pause / Break.
  3. Next, select the "Hardware" and "Device Manager."Now, before you should see a list of software and the physical devices that are available on your PC.Click on "Network Adapters" and then right click on the "+" icon.
  4. Find the network card in the list and click on it, right click.Further, the "Properties" and "Advanced" the left mouse button.Now open the "Network Address" and overwrite options.
  5. On some operating systems, you can not find the computer ID via the method described above.In this case, try this: hold down the Win and R. The screen will open a window in it, type cmd, and confirm with Enter.Next in line, type ipconfig / all and then Enter.In the list, look for the network card, and in the "Physical Address", you will see the ID.

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latest versions of Windows: how to calculate the ID?

for different versions of Windows may be some differences in the search for the right information.That method of determining the data for the seventh version.

After the "Start" icon locate the "Computer" and right-click.Next, select:

  • "management";
  • "Device Manager";
  • "Network adapters".

Then right-click on the network card, and then select:

  • "Properties";
  • "Advanced";
  • "Network Address."

opened in line you will find the address of the computer.

for the eighth version can be used this way: the combination of type Win + R and type in the command line command cmd, as we described earlier.

also have this option: press Win + X and opened options, select "Command Prompt."Next, enter the command getmac / fo list / v or ipconfig.You will receive full details of your PC.

We hope our guide will help you understand how to calculate the ID of your computer.It is not necessary to be a programmer and have extensive knowledge in the field of computer technology to cope with the task.It's not so difficult, you need only follow the instructions.

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