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enough for most phones use a USB-cable for downloading of songs, pictures and video.As for the iPhone smartphone, there is a need to download a special program iTunes.It is suitable for all devices of company Apple.

This application allows you to create your own music collection and a gallery.Download it from the official resources should be Apple.It is completely free service.Setting the player does not take long.Standard procedure is carried out and in a few clicks.

How to record music to iPhone 5 from your computer: step by step instructions.

  1. Download iTunes application on a laptop or computer and activate it.
  2. Find the "Media Library" and click on it;Select "Music".This music library, you can find any tracks.Hold music list left mouse button and drag to a nearby section of the "Music" (located in the box on the right side).
  3. You can also select the desired composition as follows: open the "File", scroll down the list appears to the line "Add File to Library" and press.
  4. Highlight music files u
    sing a combination of "Ctrl + O" and move them to the "Music".Enable synchronization check and confirm with "Apply".
  5. If you create multiple playlists in iPhone, they will also be represented separately.In this way, you can create as many lists on your preferences.
  6. For convenience, make the following manipulations: In iTunes, go to "Settings" / "Add-ons" and put a check "Copy to Folder".So it will be easier to sync music to your smartphone and your computer.

saver in iTunes

delete files from iTunes?

with downloading music from your computer to iPhone you have already figured out.Next, we explain how to dispose of boring tracks from the phone.

  1. To remove a particular composition can be used to "Music" / "Song".Drag unwanted tracks to the right.A window will open which serves to confirm the utilization.Also remove the song can click "Delete".
  2. If necessary, delete all the files in your music library, use a combination of "Ctrl + A", and then press "Delete".
  3. to selectively remove some tracks arranged in order, press the "SHIFT".Pre-select the first track to be deleted, then press the "SHIFT" and the arrow keys to select the remaining unneeded songs.To selectively remove, select files by clamping the button "Ctrl".Then click "Delete" and click the arrow "whisk" elements of the right.
  4. After recovery, you must synchronize.Attach the "iPhone" to your computer, and then click Sync.Files that have been deleted from the library will also be removed from the phone.

Sync window

is also a way to remove the music without iTunes on iOs7:

  • enter the application "Music" on your phone;
  • open the playlist by pressing the icon on the note;
  • locate the file you want to delete, and share it with your fingertip from right to left;
  • click the red "Delete".


Now you know all the nuances of how to throw off the iPhone music, and also how to remove it.We hope that these tips will be useful to you, use them in practice.Good luck!

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