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webcam installed on the laptop manufacturer for many purposes: here and chat between friends or relatives, and conferences online, and much more.But not always possible to include webcam without complications.This is mainly due to the fact that the manufacturer has installed, they require a specific approach through the menu, and not everyone knows where to look for the necessary parameters.

How to turn your webcam on a laptop?

How to enable the webcam on the laptop - with this question begins to work with the camera.And the first thing you need to know - it's built-in camera or an external cost on a laptop.Built-in cameras are connected via the program, external - via external connectors.Problems of external cameras are often removed only by inspection of connectors and connecting tulip.Search problems built-in cameras to start with drivers who often forget to install, because of what and the inclusion of the webcam on a laptop does not occur properly.

called drivers of utility created to oversee

the operation of the device.Each device has its own utility service.They can be found on the Internet, for each operating system - the.

There webcams that do not require a special driver.To use, simply insert it into the slot, and the system will install the necessary utilities.In this way, owners can take advantage of windose 7 and 8. Those who are looking for the driver over the Internet should be used when searching for data of its webcams.

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How to install the driver to turn on the webcam?

Once the driver is found, you need to download them only on the official site.It is desirable in Russian.Typically, the site can be found in the Russian version of "Specifications."They selected the correct version and installed in accordance with the instructions.After the installation is usually required to restart the notebook, he began to work with the new program.

If drivers are present and properly installed, but enable the webcam in your laptop does not work, you do not need to remove them.A setup program "Skype" will have to check.Here's how:

  1. launched the program "Skype";
  2. menu is "Tools" section;
  3. in this topic - Count "Settings";
  4. need to go to the tab "main";
  5. click on the section "Video Settings."

dialog window

the presence of live video following these steps, you can be calm - the camera is in the correct mode.In the same window it is adjusted in accordance with the requirements, improves the image as far as possible.

If video transmission does not start, it means that there was an inscription that "Skype" is not found the program.You may need to reinstall the "Skype", but first it is desirable to check all cables and connectors.

If reinstalling "Skype" did not help, the problem is technical in nature, rather than the software.Although there is an option that is installed the wrong driver, which does not run the program.

How to find a webcam in a laptop?

Usually laptops have a tab in the Device Manager, which is called "Sound and audio devices".We can only choose "Enable."

webcam in your laptop, internal or external, is connected easily run too simple.

Home, stick to simple rules of installation and operation.If there are doubts in some activities, it is advisable to consult with respect to their utility, and then no special difficulties will not.

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