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for different notebook models there are certain ways of connecting to wireless internet.In some there may have created access point, while in others it is necessary to create it yourself.Today we talk about how to connect wi-fi on a laptop Asus.

Guide to activating Wi-Fi on the laptop Asus

  1. To start, turn on the laptop and wait for the operating system is completely loaded.Activate the wireless router.Then adhere to the following instructions for configuration.
  2. Go to the "Device Manager" in the proposed list, locate the device.It is important that the device have been installed all the necessary drivers.Take care of it in advance.
  3. window you will see the wireless icon grid, click on it.Then go to "Control Center Network and Sharing Center."icon wi-fi
  4. menu appears.Left to locate the "Manage wireless networks" and click on the item.Then click "Add".In the menu, click "Create a network profile manually."
  5. Now you need to fill in all the lines of the table.Carefully include your access point name, the type o
    f security used by the device.From the correctness of the data entry depends on the success of the process.At the end of dial key (password), and specify the type of encryption.
  6. Check the box beside the point, "Connect to the network automatically," you click "Next" and then "Close".Wait for the device to establish contact with the access point.
  7. In the event that your laptop already has access to the network, and you need to combine it with another device, follow these steps: Open the Network Control Center, then "Manage wireless networks", click "Add" and "Create an ad hoc network".
  8. appearing in the table fill in all fields: the network name, password, and security.Click "Save this network", "Next".
  9. Then turn the second device and make a new network connection to the Internet, by the second, third and fourth paragraph instructions.Open the properties of the connection and confirm the possibility of using other computers on the network in "Access".

New Laptop

Tips for setting up the network wi-fi on "ADR"

How to connect to a Wi-Fi laptop Asus, we explained.After the performed manipulations, you should have no problems with access.However, there are situations that require additional steps to resolve.If you did not manage to get online, pay attention to the following points:

  • make sure that the network indicator lights.Most often, this little lamp sockets located near the front or side of the laptop;
  • try to connect to the Internet to any other device (mobile, tablet, etc.).So you can understand that the problem lies in the laptop or Wi-Fi router;
  • if recently you reinstall the operating system "Vindovs" then this can cause problems.It is necessary to check the availability and serviceability of all the drivers and perhaps reinstall them.It is important that all drivers have been designed specifically for your system.Of course, it is best to install the licensed programs;
  • very common problem is resolved normal reboot.Also, try to disconnect the router and turn it back on.ON / OFF button is usually located on the inner side of the modem.

Configure wi-fi on a laptop is not difficult, and now you are convinced of this.

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