webcam computer

first thing to start working with a webcam, make sure that it is correctly connected to the equipment, in this case - to noutu or to your computer.This applies to the version that uses a separate USB-camera.If it is built, it will use other ways to start it.

Webcam - opportunities for your communication

Internet gives us more opportunities to communicate.In addition to various chat rooms, e-mail, is now gaining popularity is another form of communication - video.This technology will not only talk to your opponent, but to see it through the monitor.What you need to start working webcam in Windows 7?It requires two main components:

  • or notebook computer with OS Windows7;
  • is a webcam.

running windows

instruction how to turn on the camera in Windows 7

  1. Each model kit webcam features disc with additional software, which are drivers.Connect the device to a PC and install them.Also on the disc already has a program that it can help control the connected camera.After installing the driver and install the program
    .Then restart your computer.
  2. Once everything is set, we appears on the System icon.We direct your mouse on it and select the command "On" or "Run".Now webcam is already fully operational.dialog window
  3. happens that after a full installation, the application still does not automatically run - "Vindovs 7" does not see the webcam.In this case, the taskbar icon does not appear necessary.We search for it through the "Start" or the label run on your desktop, then select the menu "On".
  4. Often there is a situation that is a webcam was bought for a long time, so the driver with the corresponding program for Windows7v was not complete.If you know what your camera model, then the right decision will download drivers and software to specific devices on the manufacturer's website.And in a situation when the model is not known, it is easy to learn.To do this, connect it to a PC, then immediately be visible automatically detect the device and its name is used.

update drivers

Searching for a desired program

When we are looking for software that uses video, the first thing to do - is go to the Compatibility Center for Windows.It's quite a handy resource for finding compatible programs and devices.

Tips for purchasing the camera

When choosing a certain model of leadership functions.If the device is acquired with a camera, it is possible that another you no longer need.But the choice is always yours, because there are advantages and the one and the other.Inner chamber is compact and is always with you, and external - will provide higher quality video.

Recommendations for using the camera

  • not enter standby mode with instant activation of the system until the time until the power indicator will be yellow;
  • configure again has to make sure that the camera software is combined with the right version of "Vindovs";
  • in the case when the camera is not recognized, disconnect it, and after a minute or two to try to connect again;
  • check for problems on another laptop webcam;
  • when poor-quality video, you can reduce the size of the video or close all other applications and tasks.

to examine in more detail how to enable the webcam on a computer with Windows 7, you can use the video from our site.

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