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If you want to transfer your contacts from your mobile phone to your PC, then, of course, manually retype each room - a long and uncomfortable.It can be easier and just lose all the numbers automatically.Address book of the mobile device can be perekopirovat on laptop or computer in the form of a list or document.Below, we describe in detail how to do it.

How to lose numbers from the phone to the computer?

First of all, prepare the cable USB, a disk with the driver, turn on the computer and the phone.Instead, the cable can be used BLUETOOTH-adapter.

  1. C drive, install the software on your computer.Such a program is often attached to the mobile and cable.It can also be downloaded from the official site.Note the version of the program, not all are suitable for your mobile.You can find necessary in the "Software" section of the review in your phone.
  2. Install the program according to the menu.It is necessary to establish contact (conjugation) between a mobile device and a laptop.
  3. When the program is es
    tablished, scroll to synchronize information and click on it.Wait until the end data processing.
  4. Then go to the phone book or contacts.Copy number is possible by means of a button, or save it as a text document.It depends on the phone model and capabilities of the program.In most cases, the software stores the data file, which in the future can be opened by different programs.This is especially useful when a mobile is a lot of contacts.

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How to copy contacts from Samsung phone to your computer?

most cases, synchronizing the contact list phone need to move them, after the new mobile device.This operation is needed users before changing the model device.The procedure is almost the same for all mobile phones, but for "Samsung" is somewhat different.

  1. Connect your phone to your laptop via a cable or Bluetooth.Open the connection.
  2. Next, insert the software CD or download it from the site.Set the desired utilities for further work.
  3. Copy numbers will implement the program Microsoft Outlook.After installing the driver, you will see the point - "Copy phone book in the format of Outlook", click on it.
  4. After a successful synchronization, connect your new mobile phone to your PC and perform the backup again, but in reverse order.

Outlook application is very user friendly and allows you to store the data in its entirety.In an application to view all the items: full name, mobile and home phone numbers, email address, etc.

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store a number from your iPhone to your computer?

There are several ways to transfer data, but we will tell you about the most convenient and simple.

In this case, you will need app for iPhone - iTunes, which is known to every user of production of company Apple.If it is not already installed on your PC, then download and run it.Then do the following: Open the "File", then "Synchronize Device", "Contacts and write."Address Book data is copied to the iTunes-Backup directory.

Today you learn how to download the phone numbers from the phone to the computer.Use the tips provided in practice.Good luck!

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