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Of course, not all owners of PCs and laptops there is a need at the entrance to the "BIOS".However, more advanced users need to know how to run the "BIOS".Log on laptop differs significantly from system start on conventional computers.Moreover, the process depends on the model of device.In one procedure is not particularly difficult, and some will have to tinker.The latter include the model and the company Samsung.

combinations to enter may consist of one, two or more keys.On models "Samsung" is often limited button layout F10.This complicates the situation, as to launch the "BIOS" often desired key F12.To get out of the situation it is necessary to switch layouts Fn, and that the strength is not everything.Today we'll talk about how to get to the "BIOS" on a laptop Samsung.But first, it is necessary to further consider the issue.To begin with, what is the BIOS as a whole.

Operating System "BIOS"

abbreviation "BIOS" stands for "Basic Input / Output System".This chip is the presence of memory insta

lled on the motherboard device.To chip was able to function, you must have the battery.At the "BIOS" is information that leads to the possibility of testing and system load.

If the laptop or computer works fine, loaded and reloaded, then enter the system is not necessary.However, if there are any problems, the reason may be that in failures of functioning "BIOS".He also need to reinstall the operating system.The main objective is to have a BIOS menu downloads (Boot Priority).

Loading computer

How to enter the "BIOS" on a laptop "Samsung"?

Then you can move on to the main topic of this article.Follow our instructions exactly, and the entrance to the "BIOS" will not take a lot of time and effort.Not every run "BIOS" knows how and what to do next.About all this today and we will tell.

  1. When the notebook is in the process of inclusion, click Pause, appeared to text.
  2. Now find a phrase - "Press F2 to enter setup".Replace possible by pressing F2 keys such: F1, F8, F10, F11, F12, Escape.Try to choose the right method of selection.To exit, press Enter.Blue Screen
  3. Now you need to find out the marking of the motherboard.Select the properties of your computer through the "Start" button, click "Hardware" in the Device Manager list of configurations (configuration) you will see the markings.Write down the name on the paper.
  4. Open any browser and enter the name in the request of the board.You can also add in line "to enter setup / BIOS".
  5. After opening the program, the arrows go to the menu section.To change the settings, use the "+" and "-".However it is possible to provide that other keys.This factor is caused by motherboard model.
  6. what changes to make to the settings - depending on your target.It is important to be careful because of the data depends on the work of the entire notebook as a whole.If the settings were entered any problems or information was lost, restore the original settings.To use this command, prescribed at the bottom of the program window BIOS.

Note: On some models, the data on the motherboard indicated by the product label affixed to the back of the laptop or the battery compartment.