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It so happens that we randomly pressing bring down the settings on your notebook or computer.The so-called "sticky" keys can provoke anything, as well as change unabated.To learn how to narrow or bring on a computer screen, you'll learn today.

Each user their claims to a PC or laptop.A pleasant enough scale resolution and the other narrower.To create optimal conditions for the work necessary to ensure the most favorable conditions for themselves.In the physical sense, it is impossible to change the size of the monitor, but it can be done within a desktop.

How to reduce the size of a computer screen?

you can change the scale using the instructions below.

  1. Zoom out possible settings directly via the monitor.To do this, click the "Options" menu, which involves changing the size of the screen horizontally and vertically.Thus, you can manually adjust the size of the desktop.In the end, you have to select "degaussing" (Degauss).
  2. also have the option to change the screen resolution by using graphics fun
    ctions.Open the program files, or get a video card icon on the taskbar (near the clock and date).In the resulting window, click "Change Resolution" (Change resolution) and set the settings based on your own preferences.You may need to go to the section Adjust desktop size and position adjustments for additional workspace.

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How to reduce the icons on the computer screen?

Now you will learn how to visually zoom in or zoom icons and text.

  1. Right-click in any blank area of ​​the screen in the window that appears, select "Properties" and then "Display".
  2. If for some reason you can not open the required window, there is another way.Click "Start," "Control Panel," "Appearance and Themes", "screen", "Change screen resolution".
  3. Next, go to "Settings".All you do is choose the right size and save the settings.Scaling is carried out with the help of the movement of the slider.If the system asks for confirmation of the proposed options, click "OK".

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Like on the computer screen quickly zoom?

There are methods to resize faster but temporary.

  1. Start hold the "Ctrl", and then immediately press the "-" or "+".
  2. Hold down the "Ctrl" and the mouse to change the scale.

How to reduce or increase the size of the window?

To resize windows, we offer the following ways.

  1. move the mouse cursor to the border of the window (the window should be full screen).Index should become a two-way horizontal arrow.Then click the left mouse button and drag it to the side.Thus, you can adjust the size you want.
  2. To make a window to full screen, click on the icon three squares in the upper right corner.
  3. title on the line, right-click and choose "Open."You can also click the "Size" and use the arrow keys to set up the scale.

How do I change the scale of the browser window?

method changes depending on the variety of the browser.Most of all, these parameters can be accessed using this combination - "View", "Zoom".However, for example, in "Opera", press "Tools", "Settings", "General Settings", "web page", "Zoom In / Zoom out".

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