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situation when it is not clear how the keypad is locked, is familiar to many.Due to the relatively affordable laptop that you can even buy on credit, this type of equipment owned by many.And only a few are not only proficient, but also thoroughly understand the device.Due to the lack of minimum knowledge and raises questions such as "what button turns off the keyboard on a laptop."

How to unlock the keyboard on a laptop?

To unlock, you can choose any of several ways - from the simple to the more complex.These include:

  • ability to unlock with the buttons on the keyboard itself;
  • use the All-Unlock v2.0 RC3.3;
  • use one of the programs and BIOS_PW.EXE HDD_PW.EXE;
  • take advantage of user manual from the manufacturer;
  • to contact technical support.

If the problem of blocking, and not break, then one way to definitely help.

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How to unlock the keyboard on a laptop and some other Samsung models

is recommended to look at the keys before being pressed.However, if the problem has already occurred, and

now locked on a laptop keyboard, it must be solved.And for this you need to read the manual, how to unlock the keyboard for each individual case, since there are several keyboard shortcuts that are used to unlock.

So, if I have the following questions:

  • how to unlock the keyboard on the laptop Lenovo;
  • how to unlock the keyboard on a laptop Acer;
  • how to unlock the keyboard on a laptop HP;
  • how to implement unlocking laptop Asus,

you need to press the following keys:

  • Fn + NumLock;
  • Fn + F12;
  • Fn + F7;
  • Fn + Pause;
  • Win + Fx (under Iksom means one of the 12 keys).

The instructions usually specified exactly what combination in any case is true.

good way to solve the problem once and for unlocking - is to install a program.For example, All-Unlock v2.0 RC3.On the Internet you can find free software, which is distributed in this way through the subscription of a specialized site.Although the creators and warn that the official website of the money for it is not required, so you need to watch out for scams, nevertheless, before something to download and install on your computer, make sure that the antivirus software is in use.

Program BIOS_PW.EXE HDD_PW.EXE and require a special approach for removing password.Battery eliminated from the motherboard or the master password is removed slave password.The combination of letters and numbers are involved, which are stored in the program memory.

the keypad is locked

How to lock the keypad on a laptop

will not hurt to get acquainted with the methods of the lock and unlock the keyboard if it is possible.Run blocking is also possible in several ways:

  • combining some of the keys;
  • removing the case and find the appropriate trail on the motherboard;
  • using Toddler Keys (before starting the work, be sure to read the instructions, as incorrect mouse clicks can lock the screen and the entire notebook);
  • setting program Block (the main purpose of the program - to protect the device from children).

The best way to understand any situation regarding their gadget - is to read the manual to work with him.The use of any other councils is justified only if the manufacturer does not provide specific information on relevant issues.

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