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Have wi-fi allows you to use the Internet in a variety of places.But before you can from the comfort of a café or on a park bench, plunge into the world of the Internet, you need to deal with your laptop and find how and where to include a network on the laptop.

How to turn the wireless network on a laptop?

Nothing complicated to enable wireless communications on a laptop, no.You just need to know the function keys to turn on the wireless on a laptop of its brand, because every producer plays key combination on its own.Those who are trying to understand:

  • how to turn on a wireless connection on a laptop Asus, you just need to press the Fn and F2;
  • wireless button on the laptop HR- a combination of Fn and F12 or touch the button with a picture of the antenna in those models, where available;
  • on Lenovo press Fn and F5, or special switch, which is indicated in the instructions;
  • Acer and Packard Bell include network combination Fn and F3;
  • on different models of Samsung - it or Fn and F9 or Fn and F

If the default combination is not suitable (in the new models can be put another), you should pay attention to the instructions from the manufacturer, which must indicate all the necessary information related to the functionality of the laptop.In any case, it should be a button Fn, and in her absence to press a special button with a picture of the antenna or switch.

function buttons

Enable wireless on the laptop in other ways

If your keyboard is not designated switch, it can be put to the side panel or bottom of nouta.Located at the bottom of the buttons made inconspicuous, so you need to show special attention to find her there.If no combination or switch failed to turn the wireless network, it is likely, wi-fi just is not set up, and it's time to do it.

configuration screen

How to enable wireless network adapter?

any setting begins with check availability of the necessary drivers are connected if they are not connected, and downloaded and installed first, and then connected, if the notebook is not.Check the driver can through the "Control Panel" menu item "Device Manager".If this sub-section is not visible immediately, it is possible that it is in the "Hardware and Sound".

From the "Manager" should go to the "Network Adapters" and find there is a section Wireless, which is the fit.It may be that there is no label, or as designated by an exclamation mark.This is direct evidence of problems with drivers who have first set.They must be present on the disk that came with your laptop.If the drive is lost or for some reason it is impossible to install, they can search the manufacturer's website.

If the driver is, but are marked with an exclamation mark, then you need to click on this icon, right click and from the menu select the appropriate item.This is usually the phrase "Enable."Include it may further be necessary in the event that the adapter is connected to the power saving mode.

Fix Factor savings can be in the menu of Windows 7, see "Properties", which should be divided "Power Management."It is checked at the point "Allow off to save."

After the tick removed, the driver will work, and the connection will be to carry out a standard pressing.If the above-described manipulation did not produce results, you need a laptop Doctors - perhaps it is damaged.

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