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Since the software is not perfect, malfunctions occur quite often.This phenomenon is not lethal, but rather unpleasant.Correct these problems, you can own, nothing fancy here.We'll help you figure it out without the help of professionals.

Causes Problems in operating systems

One of the main reasons for malfunction of the operating system is that for its normal functioning need certain resources.That is, you just need to increase the memory.In addition, our computer is constantly being attacked by malicious programs and files that spoil the main register of RAM.The fight against these malfunctions will help you cope special utilities.Do not forget also that all options and accessories (memory card, sound card, headset, microphone, video camera, etc.) must be compatible with the software on your computer.Also, the correct settings OSbudet depends on the work of all the programs as a whole, therefore, consider all the nuances of setting some restrictions or giving certain commands.

Note: a good antivirus program can protect you from many viruses and can block suspicious firewalls that will also protect you from restoring xp.

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How to restore your system without having to reinstall windows xp

Once the system detects a problem windows xp registry, loaders, system files, settings, it needs to be rebuilt.To do this, the developers have provided several options for windows.You can download the last known good configuration.When the system crashes registry remembers the last successful launch, you will be able to recover.So, keep your programs and files.To use this method, before turning on, press and hold F8.It is also possible to use SystemRestore, which remembers the last copy of the registry point of use and, if necessary, be able to restore the system windowsxp.To activate the system, perform the algorithm: Start → Control Panel → System → System Properties → System Restore.

same method, you can recover and corrupted registry.If the method does not work, you need to manually replace the files stored on the copy.It should open the folder C: WindowsRepair, in which there are five files.They need to be replaced by similar from my current registry C: WindowsSystem32config.You will need the Recovery Console from the LiveCD.In addition, you can use the utility SFC.

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Why not restored system windows xp

Carefully read the reason that indicates the PC while trying to make the whole system windowsxp vosstanovlenie.Chasche not be restored due to viruses, worms or "Trojan horses."In addition you may not have enough RAM to disk.Also it would not hurt to check SystemLog errors.Try to correct the errors yourself, simply use the tool tips.If you still do not get to make the restoration of self-refer to specialists to help resolve the trouble.

Using our tips, you will be sure to restore your system without reinstalling windowsxp.Try it and you'll see that it's not so difficult as it seems at first glance.

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