microphone on a laptop

Built-in microphone in the laptop is very convenient, it is already mounted, and when properly configured, can provide high-quality audible signals to communicate through social networks and more.And it is very important that you can not only nice to see, but hear.But what if you lost the sound or worse news?So, we need to adjust the microphone in a laptop, and we show you how to do it correctly.

Configure the internal microphone on a laptop

great advantage of the latest laptops are built-in camera and microphone.They are almost all models in our stores.Most often they are found at the top of the screen.And you do not need to worry about which device to select, fit or not, and how much it all will cost.But if you're still in doubt, you can check whether there is a microphone in a laptop.Make it easy enough, through the Task Manager.You can also use the following algorithm: Start → Taskbar → Sound → Recording.If you present microphone, you will definitely see it.There can also solve the problem of c

larity, amplify it, or select different properties.Often, most of the problems you can solve right here.If you are still not satisfied with the quality of your sound, then you need to re-install the necessary drivers.They have to be packaged on a disc with the software.You can also look in the manual to use the laptop.Manufacturer certainly have a model and a series of additional devices.

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How to set up a microphone in the "Skype" on a laptop

most common microphone is used for video calling in Skype, which provides an excellent opportunity to see and talk to loved ones, how far they would go.This is where the most common problems with the microphone: You can not hear or difficulty hearing interference and noise.Setting the microphone on a laptop in the "Skype" is quite simple.Open the "Skype" and select "Tools" "Audible Adjustments".

Note: A device that you selected for the "Sound" on the computer must match the one that you noted in the "microphone and speakers" to "Skype".

To check whether you have done everything you need to make a follow-up call in the "Skype» (Echo / Sound Test Service).There's 10 seconds you will be asked to write a small message, after listening to you can appreciate the work and sound quality.If you yourself have not heard or had some difficulties, you can use the following video.

Skype window

How to test the microphone on the laptop

If you've adjusted all the settings in microphone, you can record to check the result.To do this, go to "Start," select "All Programs", then among the "standard" find "Sound Recorder."Any recorded message will be saved to the specified folder.Listen to it and make sure the sound quality meets your requirements.If it does not, go back to the setup menu and try to change them.Also check the quality of communication is possible and via Skype.

With our step by step tips you've learned how to set up the built-in microphone laptop, but if you are still having difficulties, it is best to contact the experts.They will help you establish the correct operation of your nouta.

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