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Japanese karaoke entertainment is firmly in our lives.After using it, you can not just have fun with friends, but also to practice new songs with the children or simply an outlet for his creative beginning.To do this, you definitely need to connect a microphone to your notebook and we are happy to arrive to help in this matter.

Connect a microphone to your notebook

To connect the device, you need a built-in slot.Traditionally, in all modern laptops are mini-jack 3.5 mm connector.Through it, you can connect a microphone for karaoke to a laptop or a headset.Plug prisposoleniya connector.It should be noted: usually mini-jack 3.5 mm indicated by the manufacturer in pink.

If the connector is common, plug the device without the hub will not.In addition, most devices come with a massive and wide plug (6.3 mm), and you'll need an adapter that will connect a microphone to your notebook.Once you are connected, you should still install the necessary drivers.The computer can identify them automatically, and i

f he still does not see the new device, download the drivers from the manufacturer's website.

Panel settings

How to connect a wireless microphone Wireless microphone

certainly much more convenient to use.He does not hold down movements.With it you can not only sing, but also to freedom of movement and dance.Typically, these devices operate on standard AA batteries AA or NiMH-batteries.The range of the device manufacturer determines.Usually this is from 8-9 meters.The most clear sound you can achieve if you keep the microphone at a distance of 4-5 cm from the mouth.

should be noted: the battery is not charging the microphone, so after using them should be charged with a special device.

In order to properly connect a wireless microphone, you need to:

  • insert the batteries or rechargeable batteries (fully charged) to the device;
  • turn on the console;
  • press, which is responsible for the power, and hold for 3-5 seconds;
  • establish communication with the laptop and the console;
  • after the button on the microphone begin to burn continuously and does not blink, it means that you have everything turned out right.

If you do not use the device for some time, it goes into sleep mode.If you moved a greater distance than that provided in the instructions, digging will begin to flash (typically green or yellow).Everything will return to normal when you return to the range of the device.

setting the sound level

How to set up a karaoke on a laptop

All laptops have internal microphones, but if you decide to connect a microphone to your notebook karaoke, after their connection, make sure it is active.In addition, you need a new sound card that supports karaoke speakers.Now you can do the settings.The system mixer get the microphone and turn it on.Set the volume to the desired level.Turn on the device itself.Download the necessary software on the Internet, or buy licensed in a specialty store.If you did everything right, you will hear my voice in the columns.Now you can choose your favorite song and make a trial performance.

As you can see for yourself the microphone connection to your laptop does not take much of your time, but you get a lot of pleasure from a good time with family or friends, singing your favorite songs at karaoke.

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