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not always computers or laptops equipped with powerful sound speakers.And quite often we lack the power of sound.And when the house guests or small children and did have to listen to normally watch a movie or listen to your favorite music.In this article we will tell you how to connect to the computer speakers easily, simply and without outside help.

How to connect conventional speakers to the computer

At the rear of the chassis of your PC is full of jacks.Manufacturers specifically designate their different colors.With the help of such simple tips you will be able to sort out where to connect speakers, microphone, mouse, printer, monitor.Almost all modern motherboards already have built-in sound card.Speakers connected to your computer via the mini-jackrazem 3.5 mm, which is usually denoted by a green color.

Now, turn on your computer and speakers, make the check.If you did everything correctly, but the speakers still do not work, maybe the problem with your operating system.Usually, windows itse

lf downloads and installs the necessary drivers.If after you connect surfaced box drivers, then they need to be reinstalled.You can use the installation disc that comes with audio speakers.Check your mixer may not include all the channels and the volume is adjusted.

Note: If you purchased speakers connector plug which is greater than the mini-jack, you need a special adapter.You can buy it in all electronics stores or ordered via the Internet.

wiring diagram

How to connect the car speakers to your computer

If you think it's out of science fiction, it is not so.Typically, car speakers and passive if you simply connect to the connector or through an adapter, the sound will be, but very quiet.Therefore, to the dynamics of normal work and performed their direct function, you need an amplifier.Which will suit your columns, from envy of the manufacturer, the speakers themselves and the expected result.The most correct decision in this case will be a good trip to the store speakers, where you will be sure to prompt what to do.

Adjusting the sound

Connecting speaker

If you want to connect not just speakers and a subwoofer, microphone and other devices, you need a speaker system.When it is connected, you may experience some difficulties.So try to stick to the instructions that we have prepared for you:

  1. Usually on the back of the system unit is the green audio jack, there is need to insert and signal cable;
  2. Now turn on the computer and the speakers themselves;
  3. sound check.Quite often adjust the sound clarity and you can configure the system using the buttons on the system itself.If they are not in the Toolbar, locate the audio sound and turn it on;
  4. if you need even connect additional devices (microphone, subwoofer), your computer must have a dedicated sound card.It can be purchased separately.
  5. Now you will easily be done at home or arrange a real concert small theater for the family.

After you have read this article, you will easily connect speakers to the computer of any complexity and configuration.

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