BIOS window

Developers windows operating system envisaged to start automatically.But if the mood kibios (BasicInput-OutputSystem) set incorrectly, or appear to malfunction of the system, automatic start is not possible and you need to enter the BIOS - basic input-output.

How to run windows on a computer through the bios

Bios software is built into the motherboard, which is responsible for the adjusted operating system (in our case windose) and component parts PC.In order to enter the BasicInput-OutputSystem you need for 3-5 seconds boot press the bottom of the screen, usually a BIOS Setup or Press DEL to enter setup.You can also enter the BIOS at boot time by pressing any one of these keys: Delete, Ins, Esc, F1, F2, F10.Probability and all kinds of shortcuts, it depends on the operation system, manufacturer, etc.Most often, you will specify which key or combination must be pressed.

Disk selection

If you have already entered the basic input-output using the arrow keys, select the "Boot" and press Enter to log in.Next you

need to run the following commands: Advanced BIOS Features → BootdevicePriority.Your next steps will depend on the underlying causes of problems in the operating system and the need to run the BIOS.If windose wrong with or damaged, you will need to insert the installation disc and specify the CD / DVD-ROM, as the first boot device.If you want to install the OS from the installation disc is not, then in the same section FirstBootDeviceukazhite HardDrive (name may be different, the main thing that it was a hard drive).Once you have made changes to the setting, click SaveandExitSetup or you can make the following Esc → Exit → Save and Exit Setup.If you fix a problem with the hard drive, windows download at the next attempt.When booting from the installation disc, follow the wizard to complete the installation of the device.It will prompt you to correct the errors that are detected during startup.

dialog window

How to start the laptop with drive through BIOS

To start the laptop with drive through BasicInput-OutputSystem, need to change the Bois.To begin, insert the installation disc into the drive, the laptop when it is switched on.Restart your operating system and immediately press F8 (in different models it can be other keys or a combination thereof).This is followed by the following commands: InternalDVD-Rom → Enter → Press any key to boot from CD → any key (a sequence of actions in case fits windose start from the installation disc).You can also enter the BIOS and other methods.Turn on the computer, press F2, and then Start BIOS Enter.

After that you should make the necessary changes Boot Settings → Boot Device Priority → First Boot Device → Internal DVD-Rom.Do not forget to save any changes to it in the main menu, click Save & amp; Exit, and then Enter.The computer restarts and you will show Press any key to boot from CD.You can use not only the disk space for installation windose, and any other storage device.

now have no problem getting through the bios to run windows on your computer or laptop.And you will be able to organize the work of your operating system.

Setting the main system