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In a measure of how quickly gaining popularity and notebook computers, the number of people who want to be always online at any point and any time, significantly grows and multiplies.Assistant in solving puzzles will be given a normal mobile phone with a link.Fortunately, cellular communications, today covers a huge area and there are virtually everywhere.Be the internet does not always make you a little effort, if you know the basic steps.

Network access via mobile

process is quite easy, especially in the case where the mobile device has Bluetooth.Telephone is an excellent "donor" for the distribution of high-speed Internet.The sequence of your actions will be such:

  • buy Adapter USB;
  • insert it into any port of your PC;
  • notification area looking for the icon that will show us, to establish a connection;
  • add devices;
  • select the item "automatically selects an access key";
  • comes paired with a mobile laptop;
  • set up a connection via GPRS mobile phone.

Next go to:

  • control panel;
  • find a telephone and a modem;
  • choose modems.

dialog window

direct the mouse on the "Properties" button is determined on the "Advanced Settings link" and the initialization string is entered in the network through which the use of the Internet.At this stage all the modem.


  • start;
  • settings;
  • connection;
  • create a new connection;
  • connect to the Internet;
  • set manual connection;
  • choose a modem;
  • when prompted to select the device, check the modem connection via Bluetooth;
  • specify the service provider;
  • enter your username and password.

That's it!You could connect the Internet via phone, now has a link through which the laptop will connect to the Internet using mobile telephones.

In case of any error cause can be found in the following:

  • modem initialization string operator spelled correctly;
  • wrong number is specified;
  • incorrect password or username;
  • No service GPRS.

troubleshoot any problems quite simply, if a timely notice.

the choice of compound

How to connect to the Internet on your computer via a smartphone Android

issues of interest to many - how to connect your computer to the Internet via the phone Android?To do this, there are 3 ways to connect.

Instructions for laptops and computers that support the use of USB

  • turn off all firewalls installed;
  • include the Internet;
  • connect the computer with USB;
  • install drivers;
  • Enables the USB-modem settings.

universal method:

  • see that the first is not an option;
  • download and use the program PdaNet;
  • install the driver on the android and a computer;
  • after starting the application, select On USB Tethering;
  • download the version for your computer;
  • install the program and connect with your smartphone.

classic way:

  • disabled firewalls installed;
  • settings - wireless network - mode;
  • «On" in the "Internet";
  • install drivers;
  • connected via USB.

We hope that the information in this article will help you and will make it possible to connect the Internet via mobile phone in any environment, and will be a useful lesson to many.Detailed instructions in the article is intended for self-connecting everyone, even novice PC users.

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