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PC program - is one of the major software components, a set of commands.Many users use it to perform specific application tasks such as drawing up various documents, a variety of mathematical calculations, image processing, and more.Programming can be divided into 6 stages:

  • analyze;
  • design;
  • encode;
  • test;
  • experience;
  • guide.

programming algorithm

computer algorithm - it is absolutely accurate, specific and clear indication of the sequence of actions that are aimed at solving the tasks.Each algorithm has the following properties:

  • discrete;
  • accuracy;
  • clarity;
  • excellent result;
  • mass.

purpose of programming:

  • reliability;
  • versatility;
  • compatibility;
  • readability;
  • effect.

sample code

How to program a computer?

Drawing programs on your computer in one day is impossible.They are constantly evolving over time, developed and perfected.To enter certain commands, you need a lot of time.At the same time there are often a variety of issues and problems that are best solved immediately, but not al

ways it turns quickly and correctly.

To properly create programs writer needs to know two things - an algorithm and a set of mechanisms by which you get the opportunity to implement all algorithms in plain language.

example of writing tasks:

Drawing search algorithm largest number among a certain sequence of numbers:

  • denote all the numbers as n, the A1, A2, and so on;
  • max- maximum number;
  • i - serial number.

sequence and preparation of action:

  • enter numbers;
  • variable figure assign value a1;
  • variable i - value of 2;
  • when A1 is greater max, in the case of variable max assign value a1;
  • increase the value of the variable i;
  • when i is greater than n - then derive the max, otherwise return to the fourth step.

You can also make up an algorithm to show in the form of a special flowchart:

Approximate scheme

Returning to the question of how to write a program on your computer, you have to understand that after the preparation of the required algorithm should be to shift more and algorithmic language.In drawing up the programs do not need to be limited to only 2 operators (IF and GOTO).It should be understood that if the use of not one but several different algorithms for operators, it will make the program better and more compact.


When it learned how to dialogue with a certain device, then will have more opportunities to work with him.Understanding how to make the right program, you will become much easier.The software is constantly updated, modernized and developed.Modern programming system - a tool for programmers.There are several types of programs:

  • system;
  • application;
  • new systems.

We hope that this article will offer you new possibilities and give some knowledge in the modern world of computerization.Featured elementary and simple solution of problems of programming on the PC will certainly become your assistants.

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