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you have bought yourself or your child PSP - the portable game console, and now do not know how it download game programs?Learn the necessary instructions to cope with everything alone.Naturally, you can download all free of charge, but is it worth it?A free, unfortunately, you have the only game demo.

With what to begin the process of pumping?

purchasing PSP, everyone assumes that it will play in any games.But it turns out that the purchase, along with the CAP is only a couple of discs and not always they will be interested in your game.Out of this situation - is flashing.This problem, of course, you can not be a virtue, then better to contact the professionals.The main purpose of flashing is something to read cmog PlayStation Portable games not only with the original disc, and with flash cards.

Before proceeding with the installation of toys on the console, first find out more information about its firmware:

  • include;
  • looking "Settings" menu;
  • the "System Settings";
  • «information»;
  • «System software", where all of the information provided.

That now you are ready to download.

installing games from the disk

How to install the game on your PSP from your computer?

Everyone, downloadable games, should know the basic steps you can follow to learn how to download games for PSP from your computer:

Method 1

  1. first thing you do - to be determined with a toy you like and upload it to a folder on your computer.
  2. Then we see that there is a memory card, and it has space for downloadable games.To test the need to go to the menu, find the item Memory Stick, where everything will be specified.
  3. connect your computer to a game console with a USB cable.
  4. Turn your PSP and find mode USB Mode.
  5. Go to the folder "My Computer" icon looking console, click on it 2 times, then opens the folder Games.
  6. Turning off the game apparatus of the equipment only when the game is loaded at 100%.The process takes from one to several minutes.
  7. Copy the files from the computer to the PSP.

every new favorite program you upload the same scheme.

dialog window

Method 2 - Game Homebrew

Please read all about this application, please read it, followed by the firmware hack.Install custom firmware (menu item "Game" - "memory card" - the button "Update", press X, run firmware).If it works, then you can easily download the game to start.

Method 3 - paid downloads:

  • download via torrent or torrent trackers, for example,;
  • can even upload directly toys;
  • copy of the game, this should enter into USB mode and connect the computer;
  • run and play.

Well, you can read a brief general ideas about how to install the game on the PSP from your computer.Naturally, there's an easier way - to purchase a license for this game discs and consoles - with standard firmware, and just all easy to install.But there will have to invest a little bit.But not everyone is such a method seems interesting, because for true fans of computer technology to understand something like that like.

read and understand written advice, you will be all clear, and you will cope with downloading the necessary files and programs on the gaming device.As you can see, there are no highly complex actions you do not have to do.

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