Today, the computer plays an important role in the lives of most people.It is used in various fields of work, for hobbies or leisure activities.But in any case, sooner or later, every user will want to enjoy the soundtrack - your favorite music or film, computer game sounds exciting.And for this you will need to properly configure the column.And about how to set up speakers on your computer, and you can read our article.

How to set column: initial parameters


primary audio setting on your PC or laptop begins to install drivers for your sound card.Naturally, recent modern operating systems such as Windows 7 themselves able to determine the model audio device regardless of whether it is inside or separate, and set the desired auxiliary software.Of course, this option is not suitable sound card owners who came more recently.

If the operating system does not install the drivers automatically, then do not despair.We need to start from the beginning - namely, to understand exactly what a sound card in

stalled on your PC.They exist in three forms: 2.1, 5.1, 7.1.In the beginning, when you install special drivers using tooltips, you can easily identify it.And depending on the type of sound card can start setting the sound on your computer, knowing what kind of sound you should get a result.


How to set up speakers on your computer: step by step instructions

To start, you need to shut down your computer completely disconnect it.Then, connect the speakers to the terminals corresponding to the colors of the cords (usually a green color).Also, the connector can be written Line Out.

After you connect the cables, you need to turn on the computer.Then, regardless of whether, Windows 7 or Windows XP you are running, you select "Start" - "Control Panel" - "Sound".

In "Sound" you need to find the tab "Speaker Setup".There you can select the correct location of the speakers (left, right) and confirm that their appearance corresponds with the sound card.All of these options are also easily configured using video tutorials:

speakers do not work on your computer - what to do?

If your PC is no sound - it is quite bleak.There already will not help you advice on how to set up speakers on the computer.You need to thoroughly understand the nature of the fault.


First, you should exclude the possibility of failure of the equipment - headphones, speakers.To do this, you can connect them to other audio sources.Then you should pay attention to software (as the hardware failure are best left to a specialist).In the "Control Panel" you need to select "Administration" and there find a service Windows Audio.It must be able to "work".If everything is in order, but no sound - is to see a specialist.Adjusting the sound on your computer - just simple and intuitive procedure.However, if you are not sure of your knowledge, you may need to seek help from more experienced colleagues, which helps you customize the columns.