How to avoid mistakes when choosing a computer desk?

if long overdue idea to buy a new or replace existing computer table, it is important to make the right choice.And given how much time modern man spends on the computer (working, talking, reading, playing, listening to music, etc.), this case perhaps of paramount importance!How many people think that it means "a comfortable table"?For how pleasant and comfortable stay, and what eventually will be covered with dust?This was on.

competent approach: basic parameters and health standards

rational posture while working at a PC protect against potential health problems: varicose veins, thrombosis, impaired vision, pain in the wrist, neck area and the back.

  1. countertop should ideally be fairly wide - at least 60 cm, so that the working arm could be put completely.
  2. Table height varies according to the body height from 70 cm minimum and maximum 80 cm. This parameter is extremely important, in fact it can cause increased tension in hands.
  3. under the table should be placed freely (and move) feet, regardless
    of body height.
  4. monitor should be located from the eye at a distance of 1 meter.
  5. Eye level should ideally be located slightly above the center of the screen.
  6. Maximum system unit on both sides.
  7. material is also important.Among the huge abundance of products made of chipboard lead.They are practical, environmentally friendly and Comparative budget.

How to avoid mistakes when choosing a computer desk?

How to properly sit at a computer?Professional Advice

  • During operation of the computer to keep your head straight, do not lean forward or leaning to one side.
  • Do not put your foot on the leg.Feet firmly on the floor of the knee - a right angle.
  • wrists together with the keyboard must be in the same (horizontal) plane.
  • no slouch, keep your back straight.
  • every 40 minutes to interrupt the work and do the basic exercises.

kind of computer desks

  1. Classic

    Usually worktop at this rectangular table.This type is suitable for those who have little other office equipment.Keyboard drawer is provided, and for the system unit - a special stand.

  2. Corner

    more functional and ergonomic.Among other things, it can be equipped with certain add-ons, or reference planes to the premises for the purpose of additional devices.

  3. semicircular or U-shaped

    even more practical, but take up too much space.Appropriate in the presence of a huge number of additional equipment, supplies, or the abundance of all kinds of communication, coupled with an impressive document.

  4. Modular

    Suitable for creative types who want to collect from the individual elements of a creative workplace.

  5. Transformer

    Perfect for laptop or tablet.Compact, lightweight, mobile, easy to use, you can take it on the road.The table top is set at any desired angle.

How to avoid mistakes when choosing a computer desk?

Of course, the choice of computer desk is always the user.And how seriously and competently the approach to this question will depend the future convenience of its working area and overall health.