How to set up SMS

Setting SMS messages usually do not cause problems and is carried out automatically.If, however, for some reason, you can not send or receive SMS from your phone, offer to read this article and solve the problem as quickly as possible.For some mobile operators setup is different, so we will look at the most popular postaschikov services: MTS, Beeline, Megafon, and Tele2.

How to configure SMS to Beeline

When connected to a service provider configuration SMS messages are not required - this service is connected automatically and you can start the conversation immediately after the activation number.To check whether the message function on your phone, send a test SMS to the free number 000. Sending an SMS to Beeline bylvaet impossible due to incorrect message center number, which should be as follows: 79037011111.

How to set up SMS

To set the center of a room, proceed as follows:

  1. go in the "Messages" by selecting the appropriate menu item.
  2. Go to the "Settings" section and find the "center number SMS».
  3. Check the correct number and, if necessary, correct it on 79037011111.
  4. Press the "Save" button.
  5. Reset phone and try to send a test SMS to the above toll-free number.For the production of iPhone SMS center setup is carried out by a special team.Dial the combination * 5005 * 7672 * + 79037011111 # and press "Call".After that, check the installation by typing * # komnady 5005 * 7672 #.

to send SMS to other countries or when traveling abroad need additional settings.This is a paid service, learn about which more can be in "Roaming" section on the official website of the operator.There are times when the message reaches its destination.There are several explanations.

why messages do not reach:

  • recipient's mobile phone is switched off or out of coverage over a day (all sent SMS are stored on the server of the operator 24 hours, and then removed);
  • recipient has blocked your number;
  • recipient device memory is full and can not accommodate your sms;
  • incorrectly specified number of the recipient;
  • failure phone;
  • inability to exchange messages between different operators (when sent to a number of other networks).

How to configure SMS to MTS

How to set up SMS

Setting SMS to MTS automatically.If for any reason this does not happen, go to the official website of the operator and request settings by entering their phone number into the appropriate field.You can also call the toll free number to the operator of the service center and to discuss the problem with him.

How to set up SMS on your smartphone:

  1. Enter the correct SMS center number of your service: 79168999100 or 79168960220 number when using the SMS-Extra.
  2. Select this number as the current center of the SMS messages.
  3. Go SMS settings, click on "Format" and check that the text format has been set.
  4. Set the type of connection settings GSM.
  5. If the connection settings in front option is checked "via same center", remove it.

To make sure that your message has been received in the SMS settings, select "Delivery Report" (in some models of phones feature is not available and must be ordered through the operator).

How to configure SMS to Tele2

How to set up SMS

If the message settings on the phone had been shot down, restore them in several ways.

How to configure SMS to Tele2:

  1. Visit the official website of the operator and log in to My Account, gdevy find the necessary settings.
  2. Make the appropriate settings for the toll-free number 679.
  3. In the settings SMS center number is set by default 79,043,490,000.
  4. Take advantage of the help desk by calling 79046000600 (for Saint Petersburg).
  5. Contact your network operator for the toll-free number 611.

How to set up SMS Megafon

How to set up SMS

to send text messages in MegaFon is necessary to prescribe the correct number of SMS-center.As is the case with other operators, incorrect number is the main reason for the failure exchange SMS.

How to set up SMS Megafon:

  1. Go to the settings of the mobile phone.
  2. menu, select "Settings SMS."
  3. Find the section «SMS-Center" and enter the room there +7 923 290 90.
  4. Save your changes.
  5. Reboot your phone.
  6. Send a test SMS.

If you do not want to receive messages from a particular subscriber, you can add it to the "Black list" by sending an SMS with the number that you want to block, to the number 5320. The cost of services 1 ruble per day.In the event of malfunction of the automatic services like SMS and MMS can be contacted with an operator for advice, go to the nearest service center or the store provider.Any employee of the center can help deal with the problem and save you time.