How to identify the operator and the region by phone number

Quite often it is necessary to make a phone call, but it is not clear which region it belongs to, especially when it comes to cell phone numbers.Consequently, it is impossible to determine how the fee will be applicable for connection - for local or long-distance calls.Identify the region and the operator of the telephone number is quite simple, and how to do it, you will learn in this article.

How to find an operator for the phone number

All rooms are Russian mobile operators and service providers are identified by three digits, going after the international prefix denoting the country (7).The very combination of the phone consists of three parts: country code, operator code and a unique phone number.Each operator has a code that distinguishes it from the rest.It consists of 3 digits and is called def-code (prefix).It allows to determine whose services are used by the owner of the mobile phone.

Today in Russia the most popular operators are four providers: MTS, Beeline, Megafon, and Tele2.Conside

r what prefixes correspond to each of them.As

start numbers MTS

How to identify the operator and the region by phone number

If the international prefix you see one of the following combinations, so the phone operator owned by MTS: 910, 911, 912, 913, 914, 915, 916, 917.918, 919, 980, 981,982, 983, 988. These codes contain information about the membership of the operator and of the region in which was bought SIM card.For more information about how to define a region on the phone you will find below.As

start numbers Beeline

How to identify the operator and the region by phone number

have numbers of mobile operators Beeline own unique code by which they can be distinguished from other providers.Learn Beeline numbers can be the following def-codes: 903.905, 906, 909, 960, 961, 962, 963, 964, 965, 967. Depending on the region, Kotormo purchased SIM-card will be different the first few digits followingof the code.

As numbers begin Tele2

How to identify the operator and the region by phone number

Tele2 is one of the largest providers of mobile communications services in Russia.He also owns a unique code, which can be identified by the telephone number: 900, 902, 904, 908, 950, 951, 952, 953. It posmnit, after the abolition of the so-called mobile slavery any user can switch to another operator while retaining their numberphone.For this reason, information about supplies rooms to the different operators can be irrelevant.

With any number of digits starting Megaphone

How to identify the operator and the region by phone number

provider Megafon also uses different prefixes depending on the region: 924, 929, 934, 928, 938, 929, 921, 931, 923, 933, 925, 926, 922,932, 920, 930.

How to know the region by phone number

There is a huge database - the directory in which the fixed codes that are relevant to all the districts of the Russian Federation.Find the information on the official site providers.In order not to get lost in the variety of numbers have been set up services that allow for a couple of seconds and clicks the mouse to find out which region belongs to a particular phone number.To do this, you must enter it in the box and click "Calculate" or "Start".Today, with the help of search you can find a huge number of similar services, but one of the most popular is "SpravPortal", which can be passed by reference.

How do I know the region by phone number for this service:

  1. Enter the phone number to an empty graph, do not forget to specify the international prefix, area code and phone number.Total should have 11 digits.
  2. Click on the "Define the operator."
  3. After the automatic reloading the page you will find information on the country and region where it was purchased SIM card with the phone number entered.

service also provides the website address of the owner of the company and gives a clear image on the interactive map of the place of purchase rooms.Define the operator and the region by phone number today is much easier than a few years ago.Thanks to modern automatic data processing services, this work has become a basic and fast.However, be aware of the law on the abolition of slavery and mobile borne in mind that for a long time subscriber can change the operator while retaining the number.