How to format phone

Every owner of a modern phone or smartphone based on Android OS faced with the problem of "littering" device a variety of games, applications and other "mobile garbage", which slows down the system badly.Work with this technique becomes impossible, so it is advisable to format.To learn how to do it manually without the help of a paid technical support, we will describe below.

How to clean the phone memory

Format - is a complete purification of memory and dropping it to the factory settings.In fact, after this operation, you get a completely "clean" phone, though he had just brought from the manufacturer's warehouse.The only difference is that before formatting, you can save your personal information, such as address book, music and photos.

How to format phone

Conduct "general" cleaning phone or smartphone based operating system Android is not too difficult, especially because we have prepared a detailed step by step instructions.If you want to save your data, be sure to do their backups, or backups.Otherwise, they

will be erased with unnecessary applications and long-forgotten games.To make a backup, transfer the data you need on a removable SD-stick and do not forget to remove it before the operation!You can also use the "Backup."

How to format phone

If the device begins to work very slowly turns itself off, or "freezes," then it's time to do its formatting.Capital Cleaning ordinary mobile phones practiced long before the invention of smartphones with touch screens and it was in the introduction of specific codes.Kakzhdy code is unique and individually designed for a particular model of mobile device.Check the combination of numbers to format your phone can be in specialized forums.

How to format phone

Always remember that autograph interference with mobile technology - it's a personal decision of the owner of the phone, the consequences of which nobody is responsible, except for him.If you are not confident in their possibilities as to provide better job experienced master.

How to format your phone on Android

Format phone on Android OS is much easier and safer than with older models of phones.Because some models differ in terms of reset, you may have some difficulty.Before the operation it is recommended to read the instructions for the phone to anticipate the negative consequences.

How to clear the memory on the phone Andriod:

  1. Go to the menu, select "Settings" and go to "Privacy" (depending on your phone model, the path to the list may be different).
  2. menu that appears, click on the function "Reset" and wait for the formatting starts.During the phone memory forcibly deletes all account data Google, cleared setting "native" applications and are given to the factory standards, erased all you installed the application.System software does not affect formatting.
  3. After pressing the "Reset" on the screen will appear to confirm the deletion of data.If you agree that the information is permanently removed, is press the "Delete all" and wait for the end of the process.
  4. When formatting is complete, you will need to set the interface language and reconfigure the entrance to the accounts.As a result, the memory of your phone will be completely cleared of unnecessary programs and applications, saving system data packets.

How to format phone

Tip: after clicking on the button "Delete all" phone for a while, "hang" (2 min. To 15 min.).It is not necessary to try to restart it, press any buttons, and even drag your finger across the screen.Otherwise the formatting Android can go incorrect.

How to format android now known to every schoolboy, but for a stable and long work is not recommended to resort to this operation too often.To protect your phone and keep it "clean" does not get involved in downloading various applications or to take care of their timely removal using special tools.