How to connect to the Internet on your phone

modern mobile machinery differs broadest operational capabilities, one of which is access to the global network.Configure the Internet on the mobile phone is not so difficult, but it is important to do it right.Otherwise, incorrect installation can lead to malfunctions, unnecessary financial costs and infection by malicious spyware.In this article you will find detailed instructions on how to connect to the Internet on your phone based on Android and how to specify the correct settings.

How to turn the Internet on your phone

First of all, make sure that the chosen phone supports mobile Internet service.It applies only to the earlier models of phones, because all modern mobile devices are adapted to connect to the network.Learn the necessary information in the instructions to the machine.If you just bought a new smartphone, and it still was not set up, you must start with the selection of a service provider of mobile communications.

Today, all mobile operators are competing, trying to lure customer

s lower prices for communications and advantageous tariffs on the Internet.Therefore, the easiest way to choose the operator with suitable conditions for the provision of internet services, contact the technical support and follow the instructions.Automatic settings, ordered from the selected operator - the simplest and quickest way to set the Internet on your mobile phone.As a rule, you do not even have to do anything, because the settings of the Internet come automatically once you insert a new SIM card and you can only take them.

How to set up internet on your phone

If the setting does not come automatically, you can set up the Internet on your phone yourself.For example, consider a model of phone-based operating system Android Samsung GT-S7272 version 4.2.2 and opreatora mobile MTC Ukraine.

How to set up internet on your phone Samsung:

  1. Press "Menu" button located in the lower left corner of the phone, and in the list that appears, expressed select "Settings."

    How to connect to the Internet on your phone

  2. In the window that appears, select "Other Network".

    How to connect to the Internet on your phone

  3. In the list that appears, click on the item "Mobile Networks".

    How to connect to the Internet on your phone

  4. Select "Access Point".

    How to connect to the Internet on your phone

  5. Then there are two options: either you do not have the same access point, and it is necessary to create or select an existing access point, and check the correctness of its settings.To create an access point, press the menu button and select "New access point ...".

    How to connect to the Internet on your phone

To verify the settings available access point, click on it and go to the settings menu.

How to connect to the Internet on your phone

Please note that on any smartphone with any mobile operator configuration internet going the same way.The only difference is the access point name and some settings Intenet, learn that mozheno site of your mobile operator.

I can not connect to the Internet on your phone

In some cases, setting the Internet on your phone can be very confusing, and deal with it on their own does not come out.In such situations, you have every right to go to the nearest office of your mobile operator, give your phone a consultant and ask to set up the Internet.Employees can not refuse you, because their job is to help and support customers when needed.

If you prefer to understand the problem yourself, be sure to go to the official website of the operator step by step, and to find the Internet connection settings.You can also go nasayt manufacturer of mobile phone and find the settings for your specific model.

Helpful hint: do not look for instructions on the forums and in various communities of mobile phone users, as there the information can become obsolete, and on the official websites of the operators it is constantly updated.

Install and configure the Internet on the phone quite easy, especially since the service providers are now doing everything possible to make life easier for its subscribers.The best option - ask a sales assistant interior mobile phone to install all the necessary settings in place when you buy the device.You just have to choose the most convenient rates and enjoy the pastime in the world "web."