How to connect your phone to a computer

Modern mobile market offers a frighteningly huge selection of smartphones for all tastes.When buying a new phone model, people are often faced with the same problem - the inability to download audio or video files from your computer.PC operating system does not recognize the device, so you must learn how to connect your phone to your computer.

How to connect your phone to your computer

modern mobile phones and smartphones is very convenient to control using a computer - extract files, clean the memory, download audio and video materials.The connection is made through the USB-cable, but in some cases, the operating system can not recognize the phone signals.To resolve such errors have been developed special programs that let you perform any operations with your phone through the computer, including viewing text messages, update your address book, call friends and work with the files on the memory card.

for different models of phones with individual programs that can be found on various software por

tals.For example, iTunes is designed for Apple devices and has a wide range of functions for working with the library.For mobile phones Nokia has its own program - Nokia Software Updater - is a proprietary utility that helps update the software of mobile phones.Exactly the same program, there are products for Samsung (Samsung PC Studio 7), BlackBerry (BlackBerry Desktop Software), etc.

How to synchronize the phone with your computer

Connecting your phone to a computer can be done in different ways: using a USB-cable, Bluetooth connectivity, or phones based on the Android OS via HDMI-cable.

To connect your phone to a computer using a USB-cable, follow these steps:

  1. Insert the cable in the corresponding holes in the phone and computer.
  2. Open the folder "My Computer" - in addition to the hard disk icon should appear where the icon of the connected device.

    How to connect your phone to a computer

  3. If the system generated an error connection and says that the device is not recognized or your computer does not "see" the phone, you may need to install or reinstall the drivers for the USB phone brand.They can be found on the Internet and set a couple of minutes.To check if it works properly USB, go to the "Device Manager" (computer / properties / Device Manager).

    How to connect your phone to a computer

If the USB controller is marked with a yellow triangle with an exclamation mark (as in the screenshot), then it is malfunctioning or needs to install the drivers.Connecting your phone to a computer via USB helps not only to control the device, but it is an alternative method of charging, in case the charger is lost or broken.

To connect your phone using Bluetooth, make sure that your computer is equipped with a Bluetooth-antennas.You can check this by going to the "Device Manager" and look for an icon.After turning blyutuza computer, turn it on on the phone, going to the settings menu of the device.

How to connect your phone to a computer

Then you need only to scan and find the computer identified in the list of devices.To confirm the connection will need to enter PIN-code of the phone.

Synchronize your phone with your computer using HDMI-cable is almost the same as in the case of a USB-cable.Connection should be made to turn off the monitor, and then adjust the playback via HDMI.Synchronize your phone with your computer - then use the potential of your mobile device even more.This will expand opportunities and will make operation more comfortable.