How to use opera mini

If you have a smartphone, without a good web browser, you can not do.That is why many people prefer to choose Opera Mini - a simple and intuitive browser, not the "braking" operation of the device and allows you to freely surf the Web.Install it easily manage nice, but if for some reason you want to change the browser, remove the mini opera is not difficult.

How to install opera mini

Opera mini - a popular creation of web developers, consumes surprisingly little traffic, allowing it to work quickly even at normal "weak" phones.Pogramma free and able to open any site that supports JAVA-format.At the moment, does Opera Mini is one of the most popular around the world.Today there are several versions of the program: 1, 2, 3.1, and not so long ago released a new version of I-4, entitled ┬źDimension┬╗.Since the first two versions have long been out of date, it will be about different installation of Opera Mini 3.1 and 4. The main condition for the browser - support telephone formats Java MIDP 1.0 and 2.0.

Install Opera Mini on your phone in two ways:

  1. opera download from the official site by clicking the link

    How to use opera mini

  2. GooglePlay Log in with your phone, you search for "Opera mini", choose Opera for Android, click "Install" and download the browser.

    How to use opera mini

The latest version of Opera developers have made an important addition.Previously, users were dissatisfied with the browser that when an incoming call connection would fail, and therefore had to pay more - billing system operator counted the cost after the break with the server and used megabytes included in the bill.Now, if while surfing the web you receive a call, the browser just stops working, but drops the connection to the server, so you can return to the overview page immediately after the call and continue the session.

It is important not to be confused with the Opera Mini Opera mobile, because the free unlimited traffic relevant only to the Opera Mini.In other cases tarifitsirovanie occurs at standard rates.

How to disable opera mini

Despite many advantages, does have one drawback, because of which many want to disable Opera mini.The problem is that most of today's smartphones can spend on their own Internet traffic.Inexperienced users mistakenly believe that after installing Opera Mobile, they will use it only to pay a fixed price, and depending on the region.In fact, it turns out that the payment increases several times, depending on the configuration and the phone model, and the number of applications installed on it.

Disable opera mini in several ways:

  1. Call operator Tele2.
  2. Come to the salon due to deactivate opera consultant.
  3. Dial combination in the phone * 155 * 11 # and press "Call".
  4. Go to your personal cabinet Tele2 and disable the opera there.Disabling services Tele2 free.

Opera Mini on

Tele2 Tele2 offers private clients a comfortable surfing the Web via Opera mini for a reasonable fee.After connecting to the service, subscribers are provided with unlimited internet and withdrawn from the account only 4 a day.You do not pay for the traffic, and use the Internet in any amount for a fixed price.

If you are a subscriber of Tele2, then when you install on your smartphone opera mini you'll find a special version adapted specially for Tele2.This application is similar to the original version, but includes some useful additional extensions.

How to use opera mini

Additional features of Opera Mini for Tele2:

  • WAP-portal with music, games, forums, news, etc .;
  • games - gaming portal for fans of games where you can download, play, and communicate on related topics;
  • music - musical portal, fan clubs, forums, lyrics, etc .;
  • payment Tele2 - a tab where you can quickly fill up a card balance of mobile;
  • search Tele2 - a quick search on the web the required content.

application works only when you use any version of Opera mini.For Opera and Opera mobile unlimited internet and extended version inadmissible.Also isplyuchenie make smartphones based on Windows, since Opera Mini is not supported on them.

install and uninstall Opera Mini can be just a few minutes.This is definitely a convenient browser, has significant advantages over alternative versions from other manufacturers, but has its drawbacks.