How to install Whatsapp

cross-platform messenger vatsap - a novelty in the world of fans of virtual communication, which instantly became a hit all over the world.Intuitive user-friendly interface, easy installation and completely free use vatsap make one of the most popular applications in its class.The program allows you to exchange instant messages with your contacts from your phone book for free, with only internet access.To learn how to install and use WhatsApp will be discussed in this article.

What vatsap

WhatsApp - this is one of the most popular applications for smartphones today.It has many advantages and can be used on almost all modern phones: iPhone, Andriod, Windows Phone, BlackBerry and others. Multi-platform support allows you to exchange messages for free, with only internet access.

Community in WhatsApp like sending sms, but you do not pay a penny.The main objective of the service developers was to create a better alternative to the banal text messages.Since most of the world has already passed the use

of smart phones, WhatsApp is designed specifically for them and already displaces habitual ways of sending messages.

How to install vatsap

Before vatsap download and install, make sure that the application is supported on your device.Download vatsap from the official website link for phones based on the OS Andriod, BlackBerry, Nokia Symbian and Nokia S40, for Windows Phone - from the Marketplace, but for iPhine - from iTunes App Store.

For example, we give instructions and installation poskachivaniyu vatsap phone Samsung GT7272-based version of the Android OS 4.2.2:

  1. Go to Google play and in the search bar, type "whatsapp".
  2. Among the results of the search, select WhatsApp Messenger.

    How to install Whatsapp

  3. Click "Install".
  4. Click "Accept" in the window that appears.By doing this you agree that the application may have access to your contacts, location and other data necessary for operation.

    How to install Whatsapp

  5. Wait for the download and installation.Installation takes place automatically after boot phone.After installation is complete, click "Open".

    How to install Whatsapp

  6. further required to accept the terms of service by clicking on the appropriate button in the dialog box.
  7. Enter your phone number and click "OK".

    How to install Whatsapp

  8. Enter your name and avatar set as desired, and then click on the "trace." In the top right corner of the screen.

    How to install Whatsapp

How to use vatsap

to find friends from your contact list, who also set vatsap, click on the icon in the top right corner of the screen.

How to install Whatsapp

best part is that vatsapom can be used as a conventional telephone when sending SMS.If desired person does not appear in your list of contacts, simply enter the phone number in the address book in the same way as if you were doing it for the call.

To enter the international number is not necessary to write extra code at the beginning - start it with a "+", then dial the number by entering the country code and the operator.To send a message, you just click on the contact icon, use the keyboard and click on the departure.

How to install Whatsapp

advantages over conventional application sms undeniable.You only pay for the internet in its established tariff, and in return get a free chat with your friends anywhere in the world, attached to the message emoticons, pictures and videos.

How to remove whatsapp

If you for some reason want to remove vatsap with phone and remove your account, it can be done in a few minutes.

IMPORTANT: No one but you can not delete your account, even the service workers.The process of removing a non-refundable, you have to restore the account can not be erased even if you have deleted it by accident.

To delete an account WhatsApp, follow these steps:

  1. Go to the application.
  2. Enter the menu and click on the "Settings" section.

    How to install Whatsapp

  3. In the list, select "Account".
  4. Click "Delete account".
  5. Confirm removal and enter your phone number.

    How to install Whatsapp

  6. Click "Delete account".

    How to install Whatsapp

use of cross-platform application WhatsApp easier to communicate with friends around the world, allows you to quickly get in touch with colleagues and to exchange information.The program is a unique opportunity for free and quickly send and receive messages and may soon replace the usual services of sending SMS.