How to turn on the phone without a battery

Without battery can enable almost any phone.In some cases, it becomes necessary?There are different emergency situations, when the battery is lost, and important data remain, or, for example, if the phone is part of a chain or hear the intruder alarm system.

use the phone without a battery

Can you turn on the phone without a battery?It is believed that it is enough to put him on the charge, and you can include, but is not.Average for charging involves working with the battery where it first accumulates and then sends current.The device is powered directly from the charging impossible because the current is too low, the voltage immediately drops to zero the index as soon as you try to "wake up" your phone.

To start the device, you need to make your own or buy a stabilizing power supply, which generates a constant voltage 3.7V with a maximum load current of up to 2 A. The required voltage is in any case must not exceed the permissible values, even in times of on / offand load fluctuations.Note that

the power supply is protected against over-voltage in the event of a fault, and had prophylaxis in the event of a short circuit.How to turn on the phone without a battery?

How to turn on the phone without a battery

Instructions for integrating the phone without a battery:

  1. phone is switched off and disconnected from the charger, remove the battery.
  2. Use a voltmeter to find it two contacts, which would correspond to the voltage of 3.2 to 3.7 V. To determine the polarity of the current contacts.
  3. proper voltage from the UPS system to the appropriate terminals in the housing of the battery compartment.You can solder the ends if a different phone will not operate (in this case, the power supply must be disconnected).
  4. Enable first food and then run your device.
  5. Check the accuracy of the resulting system can be as follows: connect the phone to the alarm system using a cable USB, while to the common wire circuit has been disconnected from the power supply.

important to remember that in the event of voltage failure or disconnection of contact, immediately turn off the phone.If the device is part of a burglar alarm, you should make sure that it is equipped with uninterruptible power supply units, which must be protected from temperature fluctuations.

How to turn on the phone without a battery

Tip: instead of the power supply can be made adjustable stabilizer, and the voltage to reach, for example, from your computer.Many older phones (ie those most commonly used for a call-in security purposes), to request additional resistor connection, and some which devices with four-battery is needed and two resistors.

Some models are equipped with a system to read information from the chip, which is built into the battery.For example, the power from the battery is removed for extreme Siemens terminals.Between them they derived information contacts that allow the phone to identify the battery: NiMH or LiIon.These contacts are connected, as a rule, before the last terminal to the "minus" 20 ohms.This resistor is a temperature sensor during startup and stored inside the accumulator battery.

How to turn on the phone without a battery

To connect the:

  • make a "model" of the battery contacts or pads for use on the body similar to the battery;
  • on site solder contacts with the resistance, similar to what is required in the battery;
  • further soldered wires from the power supply, the main thing - do not reverse the polarity.

As you can see you can play without battery, for this you need only a few tools and knowledge from this article.