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Modern society is impossible to imagine without these necessary devices, like laptops, netbooks, ultrabooks.They are compact, versatile and practical.Most users ever having experienced the capabilities of these gadgets will never return to a cumbersome PC.For even greater universalization of laptops has been created down Fn.Let's see, why it is needed, and in which case the disconnect button Fn.

Fn button on the laptop: the location and use of

Most notebook manufacturers put this key in the lower left corner of the keyboard.In some models, it can press the left Ctrl.In any case, the user is the button arrangement is most convenient.

name Fn key is derived from a combination of the first two consonants of the word Function.On any laptop keyboard keys can be seen, which have inscriptions and symbols of a different color (usually blue or red is used).They are called shortcut keys.They allow in combination with the Fn key to remove the brightness of the screen, change the settings of your wireless net

work and battery, adjust the volume of audio devices to enter the laptop into sleep mode.

laptop keyboard

How to disable Fn

on a laptop, of course, manufacturers should consider the possibility of opening and closing such a significant key in a portable computer.This can be done in several ways.

In most models, the Fn key can be disabled by simultaneously pressing Fn and NumLock (for devices with a numeric keypad).Accordingly, pressing a combination of keys will lead to the activation of a button.

You can also use shell BIOS.Different manufacturers, this process is different.At one should press the device is switched from a number of key F1-F12, others Delete, and the third has its own button (usually next to the Power).In any case, you must enter the Setup Utility, and then find the functional tab System Configuration.Line Action Keys Mode should be set to the desired mode: Enabled is activated, Disabled - disable.After that you need to save the settings (in most cases by pressing F10) and reboot the device.

BIOS window

How to enable button Fn

If these methods did not help activate many important key here will install specialized software.They can be found in sufficient quantities in the vast Internet.At Samsung is «Easy Display Manager», from Sony - «Setting Utility Series», «Vaio Control Center», «Sony Shared Library», from Toshiba - «Value Added Package», from Hewlett-Packard - «HP Quick Launch Buttons», from ASUS - «ATK Hotkey».There are also universal programs, which are suitable for any portable computer, - «Magic Keyboard».

next step check drivers for the function Fn.They may be on the disk that went complete with a laptop computer, or they can be downloaded from the official website of the manufacturer (and nothing else).

And do not forget to ensure that no dust or foreign objects into the keyboard.You can clean yourself or contact a service center.We hope you do not question remains how to turn on the laptop Fn (or disable).Remember that using this key can greatly facilitate the work with a laptop computer, saving you valuable time and reducing the number of movements.

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