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With the current state of technology mobile phones have become such a powerful built-in cameras that have made using these images sometimes indistinguishable from those that were made on professional equipment.But here comes the big question: how to throw a photo from your phone to your computer?Let's try to understand this.

How to throw a photo from your phone to your computer

process of transferring photos to your hard drive will not cause much difficulty, although there are some nuances.There are three most common method.

Card reader, or the reader

This special electronic device, designed to work with memory cards for the various modifications.They can be internal (inserted into the system unit PC or laptop) and external.This device allows you to access the memory card of the smartphone (Samsung, HTC, etc.) as an external source, which gives the ability to download photos from your phone to your computer (and vice versa).The main advantage of this method is the uselessness of connecting a mob

ile gadget to your computer through the USB-cable.

need to insert the memory card into the adapter and connect to a computer.The Windows operating system detects a connection with time a new device and display the AutoPlay window with possible actions of the user.Also, the carrier will be visible in the "My Computer" (if forced off the possibility of startup).Now the card can be opened like a normal disk, and produce the desired file manipulations.Previously should know the folder in which the phone stores all the photos.

a small card reader


It is the most common and fast way to transfer data.This cable is included in the packaging of every modern phone, in extreme cases, it can be bought in the relevant product at a reasonable price.

Before connecting make sure that the appropriate USB drivers for your operating system.For security reasons it is better to download from the official websites of manufacturers.

After connecting your phone through the USB-cable, as in the first method, the AutoPlay window appears, and appears in the list of media card.

usb-cable to the phone

Wireless technology

There are several options, depending on your personal time, device parameters and the speed of the Internet.

  1. Infrared.This kind of information transfer is morally and technically outdated.You must have Infrarred port on your phone and PC (optionally USB-devices).Data transfer rate is very small (up to 115.2 kbit / s) and may be interrupted.Bole need to maintain a minimum distance between the ports (up to 1.5 meters).
  2. Bluetooth.This kind of technology will be able to throw like a photo from your phone to the computer and communicate with other devices: printers, mice, joysticks, keyboards, etc.The radius of a possible exchange of information can reach 200 meters, and the latest versions of device data transfer rate up to 24 Mbit / s.
  3. Wi-Fi.There will need third-party software (for example, Software Data Cable), which will help establish a link between the PC and phone.

How could figure out a way how to throw a photo from your phone to your computer, very much.Each user can choose the most appropriate for a particular case.Move your photos and enjoy the significant moments of his life.

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