How to restore Simcoe

SIM-card, in fact, is a fragile piece of plastic with a chip containing all the information about the subscriber.There are situations when it breaks down, is lost, blocked by improper administration of PUK-code, or simply beyond the expiration date.There is to designate the concept release and recovery.Unlock necessary if the operator for whatever reason to restrict access to the use of the mobile network by the card.Under the restoration involves the creation of a new card as a result of missing or damaged first.

Can I restore a SIM card?

possible to restore the sim card?If we had asked this question at the beginning of the era of mobile technology - the answer would be clearly negative.Then, in case of damage or loss of the SIM card, the user is deprived of its rooms, all contained information and the balance on the account.But today, you can restore sim card easily and quickly.Each of the mobile operators to offer their scheme to solve this problem, which we discuss in this article.

How to restore sim card Megaphone?

Restore sim card Megaphone simply.

You can do this one of three ways:

  • calling the operator at short number 0500;
  • contacting the office of the company Megafon;
  • through the official online store.

With Help Desk 0500 you can lock the SIM cards in case of loss of the phone.You will need to prove to the operator that you are the owner of this card.It will have to answer a few questions.Contact any office of MegaFon and complete an application for restoration of Simcoe.Be sure to bring your passport.Employees of the company will offer you complete all the necessary documents to solve your problem.Then you will be informed the date when you want to come for the restoration of the map.

How to restore Simcoe

To replace the SIM-card through the online store's link and select your region.In the right part of the screen, press "Enter".Then fill in the required registration fields (e-mail, name, password) and click "Save".After completing registration log into "Connections" and click "Change / Recover SIM card."Fill out an application for the restoration of the map.Specify the number to be replaced, passport information, and then click the "Submit Order".

Then you get the registration number on your request.After a while, you will be contacted by an employee of the company with whom you discuss the time and place of delivery and its value.

How to restore sim card MTS?

If you lose your phone, and hence the SIM-card - contact customer support MTS on the short number 0890, press 7, then 0. After connecting with the operator companies ask them to block your card.

Restore sim card, you can either of the following methods:

  • contact the nearest office of MTS, Euroset or connected;
  • ordering delivery service SIM-card through the official website.

In the office you will be offered to fill in an application for recovery rooms.The procedure of registration of the application occurs on the identity card of the owner.If you are not such, then in addition to the passport you will need to submit a power of attorney from the owner, notarized.

How to restore Simcoe

To restore the card through the website, you will need to go through the procedure of identification and prove that you are the owner of this card.To do this, you need to specify more than one number, which made the last phone calls, the date and amount of the last replenishment, and the date and approximate time of the last call.Service recovery is a free for all subscribers.

How to recover SIM card Beeline?

If there is a need - lock the SIM-card, so no one can use the funds in your account.This you can do by calling 0611 from your mobile or landline phone 8-800-700-06-11.In this case, as in previous ones, the choice is given several options for solving your problem.

You can personally visit the nearest office of the company Beeline, or apply for rehabilitation and delivery of the card, without leaving home.In the first case, contact your nearest sales and service office of Beeline, complete your written request.Be sure to bring your passport or identity document.

Important!It should be noted that recently, subscribers can restore the SIM-card in any region, no matter where she was framed.It is the only major operator that provides such an opportunity.

If you choose the second method, then call from your mobile to short number 0611. Be prepared for the fact that the operator will ask you some questions to determine whether you are the owner of the restored rooms.In addition, you can send a e-mail can also place an order by filling out an electronic form on the official website of the company.Here you can order the delivery of cards by courier.The cost of this service depends on the place of delivery.

How to restore sim card Tele2?

Restore sim card Tele2 as easy.Come to any of the offices of Tele2, of, Ultra, Teleforum, Dixis, Messenger, or Betalink.Buy a duplicate SIM-card and activate it using the instructions in the kit.To obtain a duplicate card, you will need 50 rubles, which, after the activation is automatically credited to your account.When you activate the new card will be automatically blocked by the old, unless of course it did not happen earlier.

A passport at registration necessary.If you are a corporate client, then you should contact the department on work with corporate clients, and apply to the signature of the head of the company, enclosing a power of attorney.If you have any questions, you can contact the customer support line 611.

How to restore the numbers on the SIM card?

How to restore Simcoe

When restoring the SIM-card saved your number, tariff plan and all connected services.Notebook when replacing the SIM-card is not restored.Therefore, if you simply change SIM-card to the card in another format MicroSIM and NanoSIM, copy the contacts with her.If your card with you, and the phone can not see it, you can use the SIM reader, which "pull" out of it with all necessary information.

If your phone is running on Android - you're lucky, and you will be able to re-establish contact with to Google.To restore the phone numbers stored in the memory of the damaged (or lost) SIM-cards can try another way.Send your mobile operator for details of your inquiry call.In the report you will see information about the calls made by phone number.In this case, you have to remember who you called and when, in order to identify users by their phone numbers.

course, so you will not be able to recover all the numbers, but some part still be able to recover.