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Today, all manufacturers of laptops equipped with built-in cameras manufactured devices.One of the leaders and innovators in the top remains firm Hewlett-Packard.And many happy owners of these gadgets are concerned about how to set the camera on a laptop HP?

Turning the camera on a laptop HP: why is it necessary?

To enable the webcam on your laptop-e need to know where it is.At the moment there is an unwritten rule to put the device in the upper part of the screen, almost precisely in the center.This allows you to get the feeling of "live" presence, as if the sides sit opposite each other.

At the same time this device greatly simplifies the life of an ordinary person.For now we do not need additional expenses for the acquisition of external webcam, in the case of a desktop computer.Socializing with friends and colleagues via video can lead to a cozy café, a coffee table in the apartment, on a bench near the university.

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How to turn on the camera on a laptop HP

Developers of operating systems (

Windows 7 and others) have worked on the full automation of many of the problems encountered by users to simplify the operation of the computer.For ways to turn the webcam on a laptop HP shall not cause serious difficulties for the average user.

  1. Try pressing the key combination Fn + F2, and then go to "My Computer" and find among the listed devices Webcam shortcut, double-click on it.
  2. If the first method does not return any results, then restart your laptop.Do not forget the time you press F9, to enter the BIOS.Find the list of webcam devices and, if necessary, turn it on (the state Enabled).Save the settings, reboot the system and check the operation of the device.
  3. If after the above actions fail to turn on the camera on a laptop HP, then right click on the icon "My Computer".Select the context menu line "management," and in the window that opens, on the left side, we press the menu item "Task Manager."On the right we find the line "image processing apparatus" and we press on the icon located next to a cross.Fall menu, and there is right click the line «USBvideodevice», select the item "Enable".

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HP Laptop does not see the webcam

If in the "My Computer" (or desktop) no display unit label, the problem is most likely in the drivers.The operating system in most cases establishes them automatically.But there is an option that the existing driver somehow did not come to this device or system failure occurred.

In this case, you must remove the existing driver (this can be done in the "Device Manager") and put the new ones that need to download the official website of the manufacturer Hewlett-Packard.After that you should restart your laptop.

order to test the webcam, you can use the embedded application HP MediaSmart, or third-party software (Skype, ICQ, VKontakte).

How did you make sure to include a webcam on a laptop HP can practically everyone.This means that nothing can prevent the joy of communicating with important people.But if you did not work, then do not worry, a service technician will gladly help you.

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