How to lock your phone

How to lock the phone?How often do you ask yourself this question?Most likely, you will not ask him to, as long as the phone is not stolen.In this article you'll learn about data protection methods and ways the phone lock.

How to block a stolen phone?The first category

protect your phone and is quite simple to install basic blockers.

example, keys:

  • launcher request combined action;
  • application by setting a password from the characters;
  • in-system to establish a password to read the data through the home phone settings.

It is important not to forget that the automatic blocking of the display is an important factor.Imagine that you have left your phone in an active state.If the screen is locked, the stranger will not have to undergo the process of unlocking and it is quite easy to get access to the phone.The problem with this method of data protection is ease of circumvention.This protection provides only limited use in the family.

How to lock your phone

Other methods more difficult, but better.The next level of

data protection from hackers is the ability to remotely control the phone.As a result of this functional person who stole the phone, get a full access to the limit.Each operating system has its own structure of the lock.But the whole process is based on the preparation.It should be noted that the implementation of such operations lost your gadget must be on the Internet through any connection.

So, we will look at the example of blocking the smartphone HTC Android.Preparation smartphone comes by permission of access to data.In the "Settings Google» should go to the menu "Remote Control Android».

Here you can enable remote management:

  • «Remote Search device" will determine the phone's location on the card Google (you may need to allow access to geodata via the settings menu);
  • «Remote lock and reset" - what makes stole not be able to use the device.

Locate and phone lock is made on page you log in to your account page you will get information about the location of the phone.Please note that the data is displayed once, and then refresh the page removed.

also available here function remote manipulation device:

  • «Prozvonit" will hear the sound of the call, if the device is nearby;
  • «Block" allows you to restrict access to functionality;
  • «Delete Data" produces a full format information.

How to lock your phone

addition to this program, there is one way to protect Android smartphone above version 4.1.In recent years become popular "smart" watches based on the same operating system.During synchronization, you will discover devices that has the possibility of filing smartvochah shakes when distancing from the phone more than 10 meters.The same system is also present in the products of Apple.As in the situation with "smart" watches, and the system locks the data, find your lost iPhone, you can use your account on page

How to lock the phone by imei?

In contrast to the security systems, imei code of the device is difficult to hide.If your phone is stolen, the user lock it may still remain without the results of their efforts.Why is that?Because in the capable hands of defense costs by reinstalling the operating system.The common people, this is called firmware.

IMEI - personal code on any device that supports mobile communications.It consists of 15 symbols.In a way is the serial number for the slots for sim-card.Accordingly, this code can not.The whole point is that the average individual can not lock the phone by IMEI.A turn to mobile operators for assistance and without the involvement of police authorization does not make sense.What to do if your phone is stolen, and you want to lock the device on the IMEI code?

How to lock your phone

First of all, make sure you have all the documents, which confirm ownership of your phone:

  • original packaging with the specified IMEI code;
  • a check for the purchase of goods;
  • passport.

By bringing these documents should contact the police to leave a statement about the theft in writing.If you want to lock your phone, this should be indicated in the statement.During the receipt of your case to investigate, mobile operators will make an attempt to locate and lock your device at the initiative of the police.And this is perhaps the only way to implement the lock on the phone IMEI.