How to charge your phone

There are rules for charging mobile phones, you need to have to know.To date, use of lithium-ion (Li-Ion) batteries, lithium-polymer (Li-Pol) batteries and nickel-metal hydride accumulators (NiMH), which are used less of all.Lithium batteries differ in the type of electrolyte.If the first is a liquid and its main advantage is durability, the lithium-polymer battery is filled with gel electrolyte, which makes it easier and allows you to have a high capacity for charging.

How to charge the phone, if there is no charge

Probably everyone gets into a situation, when the battery is running out, and there is a suitable device nearby.

charging methods:

  1. first way - to charge your mobile phone from the computer by simply connecting it via USB-cable.However, since the port is able to give a total of 500 mA, and most batteries need to 800mA, charging will be a little slower.
  2. Another way camp.If you know you will find yourself in a place without electricity, you can build a "fingertip" charger.You will nee
    d to recharge the body, which can be purchased at the point of sale of electronic components, or build yourself.Soldered proper connector and a charger now serve penlight batteries.
  3. third way - a special method when you are in nature.Remove the battery and tape it contacts, for example, an adhesive tape.After installation, it will give you another 2-3% charge.
  4. Insert the ground any metal items and wrap them with copper wire.If you have a wire, then solve the problem by connecting them to the wire.Now, the point of contact should be watered any electrolyte: suitable even salt water.
  5. Try to warm the battery, putting on a fire heated knife blades on both sides.This may increase its charge to 4%.
  6. will also help a little knock on the corner of the battery solid object such as a stone.Although you are putting the battery life questioned, but it will help you to make one or two brief phone call.

How to charge your phone

Charging your phone without a phone

easiest method - connect the battery overnight terminals parallel to the conventional flat batteries with 3,4V.

following method is technically interesting:

  1. Take unnecessary charger, for example, from an old cell phone and cut off his connection.
  2. With a sharp knife make an incision in the insulation so as to expose the two wires: blue and red.
  3. Now you need to connect, and then fix the wires to the battery.We look closely to see the battery and two gold-colored contacts with a "plus" and "minus".
  4. blue wire put on the "plus", and red - to "negative."We fix them with tape or adhesive tape.If everything is done correctly, then the battery should begin charging.Be careful: do not touch the bare wires, when the device is inserted into the network!

How to charge new phone

main thing: to charge any batteries, use only the original and desirable native charger.This procedure, as "battery cycler" desirable for all new telephone, but especially for nickel batteries, since they are prone to "memory effect."If a battery is properly charged, it loses capacity.

How to charge your phone

When caring for nickel batteries it is important to remember the following: they can not overheat, it is not recommended to put on additional charge as long as the full charge will not be consumed.This cycle is repeated 4-6 times in order to fix the memory of the battery.For the operation of lithium batteries also have recommendations.The phone does not need to immediately put on charge.Wait for 10-15% of the battery is low, and then reconnect the power.

This procedure should be repeated 2-3 times, thus developing a bit of a liquid or gel inside the battery.Remember that charging is complete, according to the signal the phone will come in one or two hours, but it is not.In fact, the battery is charged only 70-80%.Hold the phone to charge for some time.Tip: If any time the phone is not used, it is best to remove the battery from the pre-charge it by 70-80%.

How to charge your phone

Important!If your telephone does not respond to the connected charger, do not panic: perhaps he was so deeply discharged that he will need a couple of hours to be connected to a network before it "will respond."If that does not work, "wake up" its more current can flow.Please contact the service, which have the necessary equipment.

How quickly charge the phone battery

can use the charger "Frog" which is very easy to buy on the Internet.It is designed for fast charging lithium batteries.Powered by a network controlled by a microchip and charging is automatic, turned off by the end of.The standard time for a full charge - one and a half hours.

How to charge your phone

As you can see, the correct way to charge the phone battery abound.However, to reach full capacity of the battery is necessary to follow certain rules.Thus even possible to charge the battery without the device.