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Happy owners of notebooks Lenovo will sooner or later need to change the default settings of your devaysa or install additional software.But not every user can boast this level of technical knowledge.After all, for this you need to log in BIOS (BIOS) on a laptop Lenovo.In this article, we'll show you how to do it.

Sign in BIOS on the laptop Lenovo: why do it?

In any laptop BIOS is one of the most important parts.It is a set of firmware to ensure interconnection of hardware components of the computer, connected external devices and the operating system.

Entering the BIOS notebook Lenovo, the user can adjust the operation of the touchpad, to change the operating parameters of the battery and the system security settings, change the display output options, view the factory settings of components (hard drive, optical drive, motherboard, etc.), set the required settingsto reinstall the operating system (Windows 8 and others).

BIOS window

How to enter the BIOS on the laptop Lenovo

to perform the above tasks wi

ll require to enter the BIOS.It has an intuitive interface in a text table and simple operation using the keys, which greatly simplifies the work with him.On laptops of different brands and models, he may have slight differences to be from different manufacturers, but the functional part is always the same.Before you start working in the BIOS, take care of sufficient battery level of your laptop, or simply connect it to the mains.After the sudden shutdown laptop at work in the basic structures may adversely affect the performance of your gadget.

Some models Lenovo may differ in the way the entrance to the BIOS and exit from it (although not dramatically), because for a start should be made to the user's manual.Like most other manufacturers, Lenovo is using hotkeys or appoint some dedicated to only enter the BIOS.Because the possible ways to significantly differ from each other, but the most common method of working on almost all models of Lenovo, is to hold the F2 key when you turn on the laptop.

For example, to log on to the BIOS on the laptop models Lenovo g500, g 505, g510 to turn off the gadget, then click «Novo», but already there is to choose the appropriate mode: Legacy Support (to change the operating system) or UFFI (standard).

In the case of models or v580c b590 enter the BIOS possible via keys, keeping them after the notebook:

  1. F2, so you can get to the main section to change the settings.
  2. F12, so you will go to the section «QuickBoot», with which you can change OS The order of the treatment to various devices.

laptop keyboard

Some models above the keyboard is a special button «Access IBM», which when pressed at the time of turning on the computer will allow the shell enter BIOS.To access the settings will need to select «Start setup utility».

Another option enter the BIOS may be pressing the «Think Vantage», but it is not present in all models.

We hope that after reading this article, you no longer have problems, you enter the BIOS on the laptop Lenovo.Change the device settings but only if you are sure in their actions.Remember, these changes may affect the functionality of the laptop.

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