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Today backlit keyboard laptop is for many a determining factor in making a purchase of this gadget.After all, this useful and convenient functions for fans work and leisure at night or in low light.But few people know how to turn on the keyboard backlight on a laptop and what you can do if this is not in the model.

How to set the keyboard backlight on a laptop

It is worth noting that there are several ways to include this useful feature.The differences are present, depending on the manufacturer and specific model.Do not forget that the majority of low-end models not such a useful feature, but do not be lazy once again to check.

also possible to produce their own illumination: All items can be purchased at specialty stores.And then it takes a few simple steps.Or you can order such a device from the online store - it will not cost a lot of money and such.

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How to turn on the keyboard backlight on a laptop

first step is to determine the function of the keyboard backlight on your leptope.If it ex

ists, the entire process is to press a special key combination.Each manufacturer in this case assigns a button, but it certainly is among the top row of keys F1-F12.They can watch the special characters, inflicted a different color (usually blue or red).

To turn the keyboard backlight on a laptop (Acer, the HP, Dell, Samsung, MSI, and others) need to hold the Fn (it is located in the lower left corner) and press the additional key unique to each manufacturer.Accurate information can be found in the user's manual.Keep in mind that by experimenting with combinations of keys, you can enable or disable a number of other functions of the device (disable WiFi, immerse laptop to sleep, turn off the screen).Cancel Changes can be used by pressing a combination of keys.

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If you believe in the presence of this function, and the desired combination does not include it, ensure operability button Fn (for example, you try another well-known keyboard shortcut).Check the appropriate drivers, configure BIOS (Setup Utility - System Configuration - Action Keys Mode - Enabled), try to activate the key combination Fn + NumLock.

As already mentioned, different manufacturers are responsible for the different combinations of the LEDs (Some examples):

  1. How to turn lights on my laptop HP - Fn + F5.
  2. How to turn lights on a laptop ASUS n76v - there are three levels of brightness, Fn + F3 and Fn + F4.
  3. How to turn lights on the keyboard laptop Lenovo - Fn + Space (space).

In addition, you can make your own external LEDs.To do this, all you need - knowledge in the field of electronics, LED, resistor and a little time.However, it is worth considering that much easier and safer to purchase this accessory.After all, if you will close the electrical circuit upside down, you not only will not achieve the desired result, but also risk damaging your computer.

As you can see, the LEDs - an incredibly useful and convenient device.If you do not have it by default, you can always buy additional equipment, as well as connect it to your laptop.And thanks to our advice, you can do it easily and quickly.

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